Traditional Latin Mass in the Dominican Convent of Santa Catalina in Marcos Highway, Baguio City

Since the month of April 2009, the Traditional Latin Mass (popularly known as the Tridentine Mass) is being regularly celebrated at the Cathedral Chapel Oratory and Baptistery at the back of Our Lady of the Atonement Cathedral in Baguio City. These Traditional Latin Masses have been pushed through by the initiative of Msgr. Andres M. Cosalan, Jr. in accordance to the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum of His Holiness Benedict XVI. The Traditional Latin Mass is celebrated every Sunday at 7:30 a.m. and at 3:30 p.m. in the same chapel by Msgr. Andres Cosalan himself.

With a steady growing number of regular attendees the Latin Masses have also reached the attention of many tourists coming to Baguio and are searching for the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. Adding to this, the Dominican Convent of Santa Catalina in Marcos Highway, Baguio City has opened its doors to monthly Tridentine Masses also celebrated by Fr. Cosalan (as he is still the only priest in the locality that celebrates in the Extraordinary Form). Masses at the said convent are on every First Saturday of the Month at exactly 6:30 a.m. You can reach it by taxi cab and is readily seen and accessible through the highway. We are looking forward and praying fervently for more parishes and convents in the Diocese of Baguio to have the Traditional Latin Mass and for more people and priests to get interested in it.

Also, the Diocese of Baguio through the writing of Msgr. Cosalan has released a pamphlet (being the very first informative pamphlet on the TLM published by a Philippine diocese, according to the Rorate Coeli Blog*) entitled “An Introduction to the Traditional Latin Mass” that explains and promotes the Traditional Latin Mass. This has not only reached the faithful of Baguio City through the cooperation of many lovers of the TLM but also through the willingness of the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters or Pinks Sisters to distribute copies in their convent chapel in Brentwood, Baguio City. God bless them all! Thankfully, these copies have not only reached the area of Baguio-Benguet but have even reached Metro Manila. Possibly more copies are to be published together with a new mass booklet (also by the good Monsignor) with the common prayers of the Mass for the consumption of the growing number of parishioners of the Tridentine Mass. (For inquiries about the Traditional Latin Mass in Baguio and about the “An Introduction to the Traditional Latin Mass” pamphlet please email

Being very hopeful, we in the Latin Mass Committee of the Diocese of Baguio are united with Msgr. Cosalan in praying and promoting the re-introduction of the Traditional Latin Mass in Baguio and Benguet and that in the coming months daily Masses in the Extraordinary Form may be celebrated. Also, we pray that the congregation in our little chapel may grow so that one day Baguio Cathedral itself may see the Tridentine Mass alive once again on its beautiful traditional marble high altar and sanctuary.

We ask for your fervent prayers in this advocacy in the greater glory of God and the Catholic Church. God bless you all.

Ad Iesum per Mariam,

The Traditional Latin Mass Committee of Baguio

Source: Pass-Word: Think + Express