4:2:1 market share rule and the 60-30-10 senatorial election ratios

I am thinking about the 60-30-10 ratios in the senatorial elections which was first noted by Dr. Lex Muga of Ateneo Math Department:  60 % of the top 12 slots go to Team PNoy candidates, 30% to the UNA candidates, and 10% to others .  Thus, in the Magic 12 are about 7 PNoy candidates, 4 UNA candidates, and 1 Other candidate.

I don’t know if the election is rigged or not, but in Marketing it is also observed that the top three brands in a product category historically follow the 4:2:1 rule.  As pointed out by Al Ries and Jack Trout in their classic book, Positioning:

“The number  one brand has twice the market share of number two, which has twice the market share of number three.”

If we set the market share of number 3 brand (Others) as 1, this would give the number two brand (UNA) a market share of 2, and the leading brand (Team PNoy) a market share of 4.  If we add up 4 + 2 + 1, we get 7. Since 4/7 = 57.1, 2/7 = 28.6, and 1/7 = 14.2, then this gives the ratio 57-29-14, which is close to the 60-30-10 ratio found in the elections.