Philippine Jesuits in Exile: The Journals of Francisco Puig, S.J. (1768-1770)

I unearthed another book from Fr. Victor Badillo’s collection:

Nicholas P. Cushner, S.J., Philippine Jesuits in Exile: The Journals of Francisco Puig, S.J. (1768-1770).  (Institutem Historicum S.I., Rome, Via Dei Penitenzieri, 20, 1964).  202 pages.

I shall read this first over the weekend and give it back to the Manila Observatory Library, as Fr. Badillo, S.J.  instructed me when we visited him last Wednesday: “Take all the books and booklets that you need, give to Karina (librarian) what is meant to be archived, and give all personal things to me”–or something to that effect.


Abbreviations and Bibliography

  1. Archival Collections
  2. Books and Articles

I.  The Jesuits in the Philippines

II.  Antecedents of the Expulsion

  1. The Sermon of Fr. Puig
  2. Fr. Pazuengos and the British Governor

III.  Consequences of the Expulsion

  1. Raon on trial
  2. The Jesuits in Italy

IV.  Diaries of the Expulsion

  1. Author of the Philippine Diary
  2. Texts of the diary of Fr. Puig: Huntington, Loyola, Florence, Tarraconensis
  3. Acknowledgements

V.  The Spanish Text of the Diary

VI.  The English Translation of the Diary



  1. Lists of the Jesuits expelled and notice of their departure
  2. Catalogo de los sugetos presentes y ausentes que compaonian la provincia de Philipinas de la Compania de Jesus el dia 19 de mayo de 1768

B.  Advice of Fr. Provincial Prieto to Bro. Burullan on how to respond to questioning

C.  Report of the messenger who brought the decree of exile tot Manila, Francisco Xavier Estorgo, to the Conde de Aranda

D.  A pilot’s guide for the Manila-Acapulco voyage

E.  Glossary


  1. The first page of the Puig Diary in the Archivo d Loyola
  2. Two galleon routes through the Philippines, 1730
  3. The Voyage of the exiled Philippine Jesuits


  1. AGI = Archivo General de Indias (Sevilla)
  2. AGS = Archivo General de Simancas (Simancas)
  3. AHN = Archivo Historico Nacional (Madrid)
  4. ARSI = Archivum Romanum Societatis Iesu (Roma)
  5. CP = Coleccion Pastells (Documentos Manuscritos de la Historia de Filipinas, in Tarraconensis)
  6. NL = Newberry Library (Chicago)
  7. RAH = Real Academia de Historia (Madrid)
  8. Tarrac. = Archivum Provinciae Tarraconensis Societatis Iesu (S. Cugat del Valles, Barcelona)
  9. Tolet. = Archivum Provinciae Toletanae Societatis Iesu (Alcala de Henares)
  10. add.  = added in the text
  11. for = instead of the word used in the text
  12. om. = omitted in the text
  13. H = copy in the Huntington Library
  14. L = copy in the Archivo de Loyola
  15. F. = copy in the Biblioteca Nazionale de Firenze