Catholic political party “Ang Kapatiran” filed a class suit vs Department of Education over sex education

The Catholic political party Ang Kapatiran Party (AKP) Monday filed a class suit in the Quezon City Regional Trial Court to stop the DepEd plan to teach sex education because it supposedly violated the rights of parents to nurture the moral character of their children.

Parents, led by AKP lawyer Jo Imbong, Monday filed with the Quezon City RTC a 28-page petition to stop the DepEd from teaching sex education in schools.

The petitioners said that the DepEd’s Memorandum No. 261 on sex education was unconstitutional since it “[violates] substantive due process and [violates] the primary right of parents to the development of the moral character of their children.”

They further claimed that the DepEd memo also violated the families’ right to participate in the planning and implementation of policies affecting them and the spouses’ right to find a family planning method according to their religious beliefs.

The petitioners stressed that there was no need to train children as young as 9 years old on reducing fertility, preventing sexually transmitted illnesses and the reproductive health components like family planning services, condoms and contraceptive pills.

“Are they, especially the grade schoolers, already generally indulging in sex and are promiscuous enough as to warrant HIV/AIDS protection or the use of condoms, IUDs and contraceptive pills? Our kids are not that sex-liberated. Essentially, they still have conservative sex values… DepEd Memo 261 is unreasonable and arbitrary unless DepEd is candid enough to admit that its real agenda is to transform the sex behavior of our kids towards being sex-obsessed,” the petitioners said.

Sex ed not the answer

“Sex education in schools is not the answer to our population problem and poverty,” AKP head Eric Manalang said Monday.

“It promotes promiscuity among children… it does not promote the proper values that we want our children to receive in schools and we believe sex education should strictly remain a family affair,” he said.

Manalang said the chances of the legal bid succeeding were high with the CBCP, as well as various parent groups, supporting the fight.

“Issues that are not for children should not be taught in schools,” the bishops’ conference had said in a statement. With reports from Julie M. Aurelio and Agence France-Presse

Source: Philip Tubeza, “Only courts can stop sex ed, says DepEd,” Philippine Daily Inquirer 06/22/2010.


Archbishop Paciano Aniceto asks the Department of Education to consult parents regarding sex education in schools

MANILA, June 16, 2010—Instead of running after the Catholic hierarchy, a bishop called on the Department of Education to consult the parents over plans to teach sex education in schools.

Archbishop Paciano Aniceto said that although the church is willing to dialogue with the DepEd on the matter, the role of the parents must also not be set aside.

He said if there’s one that should be more concerned and consulted on the issue, it is no other than the parents of the students.

“Actually we should not take part in that (dialogue) because that is for the parents,” Aniceto said.

Aniceto chairs the Episcopal Commission on Family and Life of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines.

The bishop said the DepEd should “assist” the parents instead of getting their “original and primary” roles by teaching children “confidential and private matter” in schools.

The church official called on the education department to provide copies of the sex education modules to the parents for them to be scrutinized carefully.

“They (parents) should assess whether it’s moral and could boost moral education and civil efficiency for our youth,” he said.

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