Is Christ a Myth?

What’s all these fuss about the actual birth date of Jesus! He might have not existed at all.


Monk’s Hobbit:

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If Christ were a myth, why did the apostles died as a witness to his death and resurrection? Most of the apostles are ordinary fishermen. They have no talent for making wonderful stories about Christ and invent his teachings. Can you invent “Our Father” and the “Beatitudes”? These apostles are even cowardly men who could not defend Christ when He was arrested. Peter, the head apostle, even denied knowing Christ three times. But after the Pentecost, the apostles were filled with the Holy Spirit and they proclaimed Christ boldly fearless of death.

Now, if you also deny the historicity of apostles themselves, the Catholic Church keeps good histories. In fact, you can trace any Catholic bishop to the bishop who ordained him through the laying of the hands (1 Tim 4:14). If you follow the succession of bishops back in time, you can trace them to one of the apostles. If this is difficult, try the Pope, the Bishop of Rome, the 265th successor of Peter. Here’s wikipedia: