The heaven-longing of the human heart

Sunset viewed from Adriatico Guest House

Sunset viewed from Adriatico Guest House at ICTP, Trieste, Italy

It never ceases to amaze me that Jesus ascended to heaven and that Our Father is in heaven and heaven is up there and not down here. Man is composed of a body that is of the earth and a soul that belongs to the other world. Man is called to spiritual things as the tree grows its branches and leaves towards the heavens, yet at the same time being grounded more and more as the roots seek the deepest parts of the earth in search for water. There is a directionality to human life and this direction points up. It is a heaven-longing placed by God in the hearts of men, and that our hearts can never be at rest until it rests in God. Maybe that is why we talk of spiritual things in terms of up and down. We are downhearted, then we are uplifted. We fall into sin, but rise to a new life.