Monk’s Hobbit is moving from WordPress to Blogger

Blogging in WordPress has been fun for nearly the past five years.  But I think it is time for Monk’s Hobbit to move to Blogger:  I have several reasons for doing this:

  • I wish greater control on the look of Monk’s Hobbit, which I can easily change later in Blogger by changing the HTML templates (though I am not yet attempting it).
  • I like Blogger’s direct link to G+ which shall be my repository for pictures.  For this, I made a new profile for Monk’s Hobbit in G+.
  • I  like Blogger’s ability to handle scripts, such as Mathjax for writing equations.
  • I like Blogger’s direct link to Adsense.  If this blogging apostolate would be sustainable, an extra income through ads to support the peripherals–camera, computers, and lots of books–would be needed.
  • I wish to overhaul the document design of the Monk’s Hobbit site.  In the new website, I made the labels the top tab headers:  News, History, Literature, Science, Liturgy, Business, Music.  This allows me to gather all my Catholic views on many things and at the same time discipline myself on limiting my labels on posts.
  • I wish to showcase some longer white papers or articles that I wrote; I’ll put these in the pages section in the sidebar.  Some of these white papers would summarize several blog posts in the WordPress blog.  My aim is really to write books by collecting blog posts and stitching them with care–not in the Frankenstein way, but in something smoother like the invisible weave patch technique in the Shroud of Turin.
  • I won’t be putting links to other blogs though (my apologies), because I wish the site to look more formal and professional.
  • Don’t worry.  This WordPress blog will remain.  I will still moderate comments, but I won’t write new articles here.

I hope you’ll like the design of the new Monk’s Hobbit website.  I’ll study some Javascript to put something fancy there later.  For now, there is nothing much in the new website, except the blog’s mission and vision: To strengthen the Catholic Faith of Filipinos worldwide.   But I’ll be posting regularly there, about once every two to three days.  Full length articles of more than 1,500 words needs about 2 to 3 hours to write.  Short blurbs of 500 words just takes about an hour, so these blurbs would be more frequent, though I am not fond of writing short blurbs.  As a rule, I write in three paragraphs.

I like writing.  I wish to emulate Tolkien’s literary style in the Lord of the Rings.  But I think it is not really possible, because I have my own personality and my mind is shaped by many books and articles that I have read.  I read two new books a month, usually books on business, management, and branding.  I write the way I speak.  If you like my writing, please follow me in my new website in Blogger: the Monk’s Hobbit.  There I’ll talk about many things under the sun–News, Business, Liturgy, Music, Literature, etc.–but always with Catholic view on the subjects.   See you there!


About Quirino M. Sugon Jr
Theoretical Physicist in Manila Observatory

One Response to Monk’s Hobbit is moving from WordPress to Blogger

  1. spookchristian says:

    Uploaded on Jun 4, 2009
    Most people know Hitler killed 6 million (Jews, Gays and others) people during the Second World War. Most people do not know that for 1500 years the Papacy systematically tortured and killed 50 million people.

    During the Spanish Inquisition and other Christian torture and killing campaigns the Popes approved the use of some of the most horrific torture devices known to man.

    The Christian sadistic torture machines were designed to prolong suffering (to cleanse sins) as long as possible before death.

    80 popes did not care
    And sent them to the Judas Chair.
    50 million tortured killed
    A river of blood the popes did spill.

    Power corrupts but absolute power
    corrupts absolutely.

    The torture machines of the Inquisition
    The popes approved and put in position.
    They all added their cruel touch
    The work and the weapons they liked so much.

    Power corrupts but absolute power
    corrupts absolutely.

    The scarlet and the purple robes they wear
    Cannot hide the torture, anguish and despair.
    The Catholic church a false morality
    Champions of torture and mortality.

    Power corrupts but absolute power
    corrupts absolutely.

    The travesty of the papacy
    Is nothing but a piracy
    Designed to manipulate
    And not to educate

    Power corrupts but absolute power
    corrupts absolutely.

    The Pius popes murderous alliance
    Hitler, Mussolini, Pavelic, compliance
    Christian sadists terrorize and brutalize
    The past and present you must realize

    Power corrupts but absolute power
    corrupts absolutely.

    In Croatian Bosnia Franciscan friars
    Sent the Serbs into the fires.
    Participated in the bloody slaughter
    Mothers, fathers sons and daughters.

    Power corrupts but absolute power
    corrupts absolutely

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