Anna Cosio of Filipinos for Life: Her pro-life conversion story and mission

My name is Anna Cosio. I am a nurse by profession and a pro-life advocate  by vocation.  One of the many responsibilities of a nurse is to provide health teaching to her clients. But I never thought that I would be doing that on larger scale. But ever since I attended a talk of Dr. Ligaya Acosta, a pro-life activist herself with an amazing conversion story, it just became impossible for me to just keep the truth to myself.  In barely an hour, she exposed the grave effects of contraceptive mentality to society, especially to women and children. And how it never fails to lead to the acceptance of abortion and eventually to the destruction of marriages and families. So at that time, what she shared was just so overwhelming.  It was like truth overload.  And I wanted to share it with every woman possible.  I wanted to share with them the truth that contraceptives do not empower us at all. In fact, they do the opposite: they make us sick and turn us into nothing more than mere objects. Not only that, they can also cause harm or even death to a newly conceived life. And I just felt that I have to share that truth with everyone, but hopefully not just to my Facebook friends or to my very few blog followers. So I prayed to God.  I asked Him to use me as His instrument despite my unworthiness. It didn’t take too long before my prayer was answered.  Soon I found myself in a pro-life Facebook group called Filipinos for Life, also known as F4L. F4L gave me an opportunity to reach a greater audience.  In less than two years, we were able to share the pro-life message to so many schools, parishes, and communities–I have already lost count. But somehow, I feel like I still have not done  much at all. Well, maybe until I have reached every woman possible to help her realize her truth worth and her God-given dignity, and until everyone gets the pro-life message that the unborn is a human person who has value and deserves to be protected, then I will always have a reason to live. I am Anna Cosio and I have reason to live.


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