Divorce Bill after the RH Bill: Wake up, sleeping Catholics!

The Seven Sleepers

The Seven Sleepers

See. Just as what we expected. After the RH Bill is the Divorce Bill. For Catholics who supported the RH Bill, I think it is time to wake up.

Wake up, O sleeper, and arise! After their fresh triumph in the RH Bill, the opponents of the Catholic Church are now setting their sites on a bigger kill: the Divorce Bill. What is the RH Bill but the divorce between the sexual act and the openness to life, with the condom as the barrier between the mutual self-giving of the husband and wife? Now the State wishes to separate the husband and the wife themselves, to break the marital bond through the Divorce Bill, even if Christ Himself warned us before: “What God has joined together, let not man put asunder” (Mt 19:6). Pres. Noynoy Aquino’s Daang Matuwid is a railroad and the RH Bill is the train that pulls the other D.E.A.T.H. bills forward to their ratification–bills such as euthanasia, abortion, and same-sex marriage–following the pattern of the dying countries of the West who contracepted themselves and their economies to death.

Wake up, O sleeper, and arise! The dust has already settled in the aftermath of the battle against RH Bill. And we now see clearly the RH Bill for what it truly is–stripped of its pretensions, disguises, and double-speak: it is the fast-moving train carrying all the undead to bring life as we know it to an end. Remember The Priest movie. It is a parable for our modern world. If these bills gets passed, it will be the end of the world for Catholicism in the Philippines. Gone will be the Fiestas. Gone will be the Churches. Gone will be the priests. When the State unleashes the forces of fury and hatred against the Church, you will soon see the Pope walking in Manila amidst the bodies of his martyred priests. Remember the French Revolution. Remember the English Reformation. Remember the Mexican Revolution. It happened before. It can happen again–right on our very shores, right beneath our very noses. It can happen next decade. It can happen next year. It can happen next month. It can happen next week. It can happen today. Right now.

Wake up, O Sleeper, and arise! See the Two Standards before you. The Standard of Christ and the Standard of Satan. The Standard of the Church and the Standard of the World. The Standard of Life and the Standard of Death. Choose Christ over Satan. Choose the Church over the World. Choose Life over Death.

May God bless us.

About Quirino M. Sugon Jr
Theoretical Physicist in Manila Observatory

4 Responses to Divorce Bill after the RH Bill: Wake up, sleeping Catholics!

  1. Oh, dear Quirino, it is the Church itself that is rocking us to sleep, with the wicked lie of religious liberty. Your country should be a Catholic state, according to the traditional teaching of the Church (Quas Primas). It cannot be Catholic in bits and pieces, the way the Church seems to envision secularism working–Catholic in those things we want to be Catholic, Buddhist in those two other things we don’t care much about, atheistic in those three others, muslimism in two others, all of us peaceful. No, right?

    So why do I say that here, now? Because we must wake up, oh yes, but it takes the same amount of energy and time to wake us up over abortion as to wake us up over the need for the restoration of Christ as the center of our nations. The latter event would cure a myriad of problems, the former, one only, with still to be fought homosexuality, contraception, divorce, economics, Sunday laws, prostitution, school order, guns, rents . . . . Christ must be at the center, yes? That way we would only work (and die) once.

    I hope you are so very well, and enjoying life as you can, in the ruins, Quirino. The struggle continues in the US as well. We made no headway whatsoever in the abortion issue, and we have tried as hard as we could, meanwhile losing ground on every other front. We are about to lose our hospitals and other organs of Catholic charity, as a result of religious liberty, a larger one, unfortunately erroneous, the pagan right to kill unborn children trumping our Catholic one to protect them. Abortion comes from religious freedom, protection of the weak and vulnerable in all forms comes from the dominance of one particular religion over others.

    The Council denied that and continues to deny it. An error that must be fixed before we move forward. Or not–we can continue to fight abortion, but lose. We won’t go to hell for losing, I guess.

    I guess I am hoping we will eventually conclude that waking up means to denounce the Council, denounce the mass that came from the Council, and demand that the constitutions be scoured for their poison teachings on collegiality, on ecumenism, and on religious freedom. Then we will be able to move forward on the pressing issue of the suffering unborn.

  2. Wants to Be Anonymous says:

    Dear thewhitelilyblog,

    Are you still Catholic? You seem to be living in the US, if so, I think you should listen to the princes of the church in your country, the servants of god speak about religious freedom and religious liberty:


    I personally recommend:


    Remember, the situation is different in the Philippines, even I who live in diaspora find it a little hard to comprehend… the priests I confided in put it this way… the expression and experience of suffering, as it is different from person to person, can be different from one culture (country) to another.

    I sincerely hope that Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle would be pivotal in jumpstarting, kickstarting, and turbocharging the new evangelization in the Philippines.

  3. Wants to Be Anonymous says:

    Dear thewhitelilyblog,

    I forgot to mention that if you are still catholic, instead of denouncing the council, I suppose you mean the second vatican council, i challenge you to deeply study and learn to appreciate and understand at least the dogmatic constitutions… otherwise I think you should talk to your priest and maybe even your bishop, hey, if you can afford it, why not go on a pilgrimage to see the servant of the servants of God and learn from HE who speaks through him who is in union with his fellow servants of God?

  4. dotsp2 says:

    I can’t exactly recall the exact figure but its 33-35 percent of those who want divorce are catholics

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