Harry Tambuatco, President and CEO of Superbrands Marketing Int., is running for representative of Muntinlupa City

 Please vote for Harry Tambuatco of Superbrands and Ang Kapatiran Party for representative of Muntinlupa City.  Superbrands gives a seal of excellence to exceptional brands. We really need competent businessmen in Congress not just lawyers.  Businessmen create jobs and they understand the financial workings of the government.  I met Harry in a dinner of AKP with pro-life groups. He is a good and principled man.  Below is his story:  

What drives me to be the Representative for Muntinlupa?

Hello, my name is Harry Tambuatco, a businessman, a broadcast journalist,
entrepreneur, political analyst, PR and being a brand consultant are
amongst the many things I provide as a service and consult for. My interest
in politics is born out of a personal advocacy I learned from an American
friend who always tells me, that should I wish change; to offer myself to
commit for that change is the only solution. And he is correct.

The political dynasty that has engulfed our district in Muntinlupa has been
the transfer of power from a father and son team, i.e. the Biazon’s who’s
now sitting as district congressman hailed once as a senator for two terms
and now bides his tenure in the lower house to stay the authority.
Interestingly enough the older Biason, the former Senator was once a
General which is incorrect for political authority. After 12 years of the
Biazon’s the district is ripe for change and for representation other than
the dynasty that has controlled the politics in Muntinlupa. Political
dynasties are a menace to our societies and should the people not challenge
their stay, the oligarchies they morph into together with their insatiable
appetites will compete with other city oligarchs to suffer the people as
collateral damage one day. There are a number of issues that need to be
challenged with the sitting Representative of Muntinlupa with the multiple
stand the Ang Kapatiran espouses which need to be adhered to. My personal
advocacy is to challenge the status quo which has reduced the authority of
the people of Muntinlupa be it for security, health care and political
reform for the district. Personally I do not lust the position for power,
money or authority other than to offer a competent option for the job for
representation for national legislation.

I need to be careful however as personally advised considering the
nuisances I am confronted with i.e. the tradition of cash and money that
drives campaigns. There is a thin line between campaigning to win the
electoral contest and buying the elections. Careful as I stand, there is a
need to be prudent and not turn into the monster I am contesting to change.

As for projects the city may require other than the traditional education
sponsorships, deep wells, basketball courts, etc., it is my intention and I
promote; to address the perennial flooding of some four barangays we share
the Laguna de Bay waterways with. Addressing this will require
infrastructure and massive investment the national government obviously has
not prioritized and the key solution requires strategic association and a
business model to propel the infrastructure needed. Needless to say to
outline my strategy publicly at this point may be disadvantageous only for
all other aspirants to hear who are known to pay lip service to innovative
promotions for the alleged benefits for the people. Consumed as these
traditional contestants are known to win, it may be best to stay the course
till we hear the outlines of their projects during the campaign.  These
barangays suffer annually from the overflow of water originating from the
mountains aggravated by the silting and erosion of the land surrounding the
lake plus the over flow of the Caliraya lake spill-way causing damage to
property, death and inconvenience to our constituents.  A spill-way from
the lake to Manila Bay which is topographically viable is a solution as
well as the tree planting on the hills of the lake. Desilting the lake is
also a solution but more complimentary as well, the removal of the
all-powerful fish pen operators in the lake.

As for advocacies and what I stand for, I leave this to the platforms of
the Ang Kapatiran Party that I personally adhere to; that has already been
identified and outlined by the party position complete with positions
undertaken on current issues and baffling recurring issues that could have
been resolved i.e. corruption and procrastination. The definition of the
title Representative is exactly what it is defined to be however many if
not most Representatives do not allow for the people’s representation and
voice they are to represent in congress.

President & CEO
Superbrands Marketing International Inc. (SMI)
P: (+63 2) 728.98.80 & 846.75.25  * F: (+63 2) 758.32.20 *
W: http://www.superbrands.com/ph
E: mailto:harry.tambuatco@superbrands.com <harry.tambuatco@superbrands.com>
E: harrytambuatco@yahoo.com
* Public Relations * Broadsheet Supplements * Web Design & Management *
Brand Marketing Consultancy
* Media Broadcast * Brand Academy * Business Registration *


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