RH Bill deception: anti-reproduction, anti-women, anti-prosperity

Birth control pills

Birth control pills

Reproductive Health Bill is a deception: it is not for reproduction but for contraception. A woman is sexually healthy if she can conceive a child. This is a simple, objective definition, so I don’t know why the RH Bill wishes to muddle this by adding the woman’s psychological and social well-being. Is pregnancy a sickness that must be cured or the hope of our nation that must be supported? Is pregnancy a privilege only of the rich and not of the poor? Is pregnancy an invention of man and not a gift to be thanked for? Many women who cannot conceive turn to IVF treatment costing fortunes but with low chances of success, resulting to many fertilized embryos dying or remaining frozen in test tubes. Many women who are rich do not wish to have children because this will divide their wealth and double their figure. And many women who wished to stop pregnancy with pills suffered breast cancer.

The RH Bill claims that it is pro-women, but it is actually anti-women. Contraceptives makes sex-before-marriage easier: the woman is not anymore assured of being married by the man, for there is no more pregnancy that shall act as witness to the promises of love made in the heat of the night. Contraceptives makes sex-outside-marriage easier: the wife is not anymore assured that his husband is faithful, because there is no pregnancy that shall cry out scandal in the entire neighborhood. Where does men enter into the picture in the RH Bill? Nowhere. RH Bill assumes that men are weak: they not strong enough to control their passions. RH Bill assumes that men are dumb: they can’t understand the mathematics of the woman’s fertility cycle. And RH Bill assumes that men don’t earn enough: they can’t support a family of eight. This is an insult to men in general and husbands in particular.

The RH Bill promises a prosperous future with only one or two children per family. But without children, there would be no laborers in the fields, workers in the factories, soldiers to defend our country, and priests to offer masses. There are only schools without children, industries without workers, barracks without soldiers, and seminaries without priests. Two children work hard to feed a family of six, which includes their parents and grand parents. The pension system collapses, and the government will be forced to raise the retirement age to 70 or 80 or even 90. It’s a bleak future: the collapse of the Western civilization due to its cultural suicide of not having babies. As Rachel cried out to Jacob: “Give me children or I shall die!” (Gen 30:1)

Thus says the LORD:
In Ramah is heard the sound of sobbing,
bitter weeping!
Rachel mourns for her children,
she refuses to be consoled
for her children—they are no more. (Jer 31:15)

About Quirino M. Sugon Jr
Theoretical Physicist in Manila Observatory

7 Responses to RH Bill deception: anti-reproduction, anti-women, anti-prosperity

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  2. Hello, dear Quirino, thank you for this post and for defending us women. You are so right in everything, but no one listens. (The person who is saying you are right in everything is a person who has been active politically all her life in the promotion of wellness for women, not a person living in some kind of comfortable bubble. I know the data. I crunched the numbers. I know you are right. Abortion and contraception have brought the US to ruin.)

    I have been rather quiet, and my excuse is I had a heart attack and surgery. I owe you audio tapes of Christ the King conference, but that’s part of my heart attack: I cannot see why we SSPX-ers promote the Truth and then fail again and again to follow up with a concrete plan to implement it. I have kept waiting for some implementation, but there is none. Now the divisions in SSPX regarding secularism are pretty visible. What good is to be hearers of the Word and not Doers? You might as well not have the tapes, it will just make you sadder.

    Pray for me, dear Quirino, and please keep up the struggle, although you are just one lone voice.

  3. c.pio says:

    Profound insight. Amen.

    thanks Dr. Sugon :)


  4. Quirino M. Sugon Jr says:

    Dear White Lily,

    I am sorry to hear about your heart attack and surgery. I am glad you survived. I’ll keep you and SSPX in my prayers.

  5. sherlock sam says:

    Way to go, Sugon. Even the Virgin Mary had more than one child. Jesus had a twin named Thomas, and another brother named James. The other Mary and her sister Martha were probably Jesus’ sisters. That means Lazarus was another brother. Joseph may have been pretty old, but the Roman soldier Pantera made some sperm donations the natural way. Thomas the twin was the one who got crucified, and Jesus lived on to have many children with Pilate’s wife. Jesus’ bloodline descendants still walk the earth today. You can tell the males because they look like bishounen.

  6. Quirino M. Sugon Jr says:

    Sherlock Sam,

    Way too far, Sherlock Sam. May I know the scriptural basis for your claims?

  7. carela22 says:

    Also, don’t forget to mention the side effects of the synthetic estrogen in the bodies of women. As a matter of fact, is it not strange that doctors were screaming when these same types of synthetic hormones were prescribed to post menopausal women, yet they prescribes these drugs as if they were prescribing vitamins? The medical facts were clear these drugs were dangerous to women. They caused heart attacks, strokes, even augment the risk of cancer. Does it make sense that researchers and drug companies know that estrogen can feed breast cancer, yet they prescribe the pill as a preventative for women’s good health? I am not even a researcher or a doctor and I can’t see the logic of claiming that in one case the drug is safe and in another it is not. We’re not talking about chemo to treat cancer here, we are talking about using a drug on perfectly healthy women. A drug that disrupts a natural process in the body, and that is handed out as candy. All drugs have side effects. Would you take diabetes medication if you did not have diabetes? What kind of logic is that?
    Also, the use of the birth control pill has also been shown to give women a false sense of security in which they feel “protected” so they have relations with more partners, increasing their risk of being infected with STDs. Not to mention that the pill lowers their immunities and increases the risk of infection.
    The lies have to stop. Special interests are the ones that promote this insanity and they use the political system to advance their agenda. Reproductive health? Yea right… How about lining your pockets by supporting lobbies that do not care about your health or your soul. The American insanity: letting politicians be experts in medicine and morality.

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