Without official doctrinal statements, Iglesia ni Cristo is building its house on sand

Question: Submitted on 2012/02/16 at 1:24 pm

Mr. Sugon:

First off, the true Christian teachings upheld by the Iglesia ni Cristo are readily available on the Web (e.g. Wikipedia), or via radio and television broadcasts. We have cable channel NET 25 where you can watch and learn the doctrines as well as the activities of the church. We may not have what you call official Web site, but, the FUNDAMENTAL teachings are readily available online. That’s why many of the critics of the INC, such as you, can elicit questions against them.

I am just wondering why you still ask for such official Web site if you are able to create a blog that criticizes our beliefs. If you don’t have the knowledge of the doctrines and beliefs of the INC, then why create an online journal such as this with the intention of challenging the truth of our faith. Just a thought, Mr. Sugon.

Also, the members of the Iglesia ni Cristo are FULLY AWARE of the fundamental doctrines of the church FYI. All of us are being instructed to remain steadfast in our faith through the pure teachings of Christ. That is also why you may find some members who may falter in their faith and eventually face excommunication (pagtitiwalag) due to unbelief or unchristian practices….


Submitted on 2012/02/17 at 3:20 pm | In reply to ivan.


Will INC trust Wikipedia to reflect its true doctrines? Will INC trust Net 25 to explain true doctrine? Humans come and go. If humans can err in grammar and sentence construction, how much more in official doctrines? If there are contradictions in the arguments, INC will just say, “It is not official”. I may make a blog criticizing INC beliefs, but what I am criticizing is what I think INC believes. This may be different from what INC truly believes. Thus, it is important that there is an official teaching that people can scrutinize word for word–a teaching with the seal of approval of the INC hierarchy. As Christ said:

“You are the light of the world. A city set on a mountain cannot be hidden.j15 Nor do they light a lamp and then put it under a bushel basket; it is set on a lampstand, where it gives light to all in the house.” (Mt 5:14-15)

Opinions of men vary in time and place. But since the salvation of men requires that they be taught the truth, it is imperative that truths and doctrines be laid down in written form that will stand the test of time. INC must build its house on rock by writing down its official doctrine. Otherwise, INC builds its house on sand, and when the floods come, the house will be washed away. (cf Mt 7:24-27)


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9 Responses to Without official doctrinal statements, Iglesia ni Cristo is building its house on sand

  1. Ben Vallejo says:

    Actually,I do find it strange that the INC does not have an official website. The INC executive minister is one of the pioneers of on line presence in this country with a bbc. A website has been found as a good way of spreading a religious organization’s message and yet the publishers of “The Message” has no message in cyberspace!

  2. ivan says:

    Mr. Sugon:


    Without official doctrinal statements, Iglesia ni Cristo is building its house on sand.


    Your statement is very MISLEADING. Of course, the Iglesia ni Cristo has “official doctrinal statements.” You just have to know how and where to get them. Moreover, before a person is baptized, he should first know and believe in the CHRISTIAN doctrines of the Church.

    We may have no official Web site that you are looking for, BUT, the INC has various evangelical missions and programs in various places locally and abroad. We have GEM TV and NET 25 where you can watch and learn the official doctrines from our ministers themselves. Those TV networks also broadcast several Church news and activities, as well as, the lives of the converts too.

    If anyone wants to personally speak to an INC minister, he may do so. You just have to coordinate with an INC member. Or, if you do not know any member, then just like what I did years back, you can go by yourself to one of the locales of the Church. Just be polite when talking to anyone there especially to a minister. You can be as direct to the point as you can be when asking questions. The minister won’t mind. He will answer every issue you want to raise against the INC. Been there.

    There are also indoctrination programs held continuously in various places, if you just want to know about the “official doctrines” of the Church. You can ask questions there; or, you may just listen every visit. Then the next time you decide to go back there, you may speak or ask questions to the minister or a church worker administering the indoctrination.

    You see, Mr. Sugon and others here as well, the “official doctrines” of the Iglesia ni Cristo are taught or preached by the ministers. They are the ones only who have the authority to teach and explain the Words of God since they are sent by Him. (Rom 10:15, 2 Cor 5:18-2, John 3:34)

    We, INC members, are just defending (in this blog) our CHRISTIAN faith which the Catholics here are attacking with allegations, hearsays and unbiblical proofs.

    Mr. Sugon, I just want to reiterate my question to you.


    FYI the main difference of your Catholic faith from the INC is the belief on the ONE TRUE GOD as you know very well. You recognize the Trinity (God, the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit) as your God. The Iglesia ni Cristo, on the other hand, acknowledges ONLY the FATHER as the ONE TRUE GOD as testified in Deut 4:39, Malachi 2:10, John 17:3, Mark 12:32, 1 Cor 8:6, and Eph 4:4-6 (to cite a few verses).

    In addition, the fundamental teachings upheld by the INC, as I’ve said, can be found on the Web (e.g. Wikipedia). You can use the Bible then to verify the truth in them.

    Think about this (instead of your MISLEADING question), Mr. Sugon:


  3. Quirino M. Sugon Jr says:


    I shall answer this in the INC Logo post, because you also raised the same question there.

  4. [defenderben] says:

    You said:

    “Without official doctrinal statements, Iglesia ni Cristo is building its house on sand”

    I said,

    “So are you.”

    Moses, Predicted that the Bible would be Corrupted!

    Deuteronomy 31:25-29
    New International Version (NIV)

    25 he gave this command to the Levites who carried the ark of the covenant of the LORD: 26 “Take this Book of the Law and place it beside the ark of the covenant of the LORD your God. There it will remain as a witness against you. 27 For I know how rebellious and stiff-necked you are. If you have been rebellious against the LORD while I am still alive and with you, how much more will you rebel after I die! 28 Assemble before me all the elders of your tribes and all your officials, so that I can speak these words in their hearing and call the heavens and the earth to testify against them. 29 For I know that after my death you are sure to become utterly corrupt and to turn from the way I have commanded you. In days to come, disaster will fall on you because you will do evil in the sight of the LORD and arouse his anger by what your hands have made.”

    And take a look at this! (BELOW)

    2- Christians abrogating the Bible:
    1- Eating swine while it is prohibited in the Bible.

    “And the pig, though it has a split hoof completely divided, does not chew the cud; it is unclean for you. You must not eat their meat or touch their carcasses; they are unclean for you. (Leviticus 11:7-8)”

    There goes your Christmas and Easter ham and pork.
    It amazes me how the polytheist trinitarian pagan christians are the world’s biggest consumers of pork meat!
    Talk about respecting GOD Almighty and obeying His Divine Will!

    2- Not following the Social Laws of the Old Testament. If you believe that you don’t have to follow the OT’s Social Laws, then I must ask you:
    1- Can you marry your father’s former wife?
    2- Can you marry your own sister?
    3- If you’re a Hindu (male Hindus are allowed to marry their sisters’ daughters) and you just recently embraced Christianity, then are you allowed to marry your sister’s daughter whom you probably fell in love with before or at least had strong feelings toward, or was probably spoken for, when she was young while you were a Hindu?
    4- Can you marry your son’s former wife, or daughter’s former husband, if you’re a dad or mom?

    The New Testament hardly contains any social law. It certainly doesn’t address any of the questions I raised! Only the Old Testament is thorough and contains all of the Social Laws that define the limits of marriage and relationships and other social issues.

    For points #1&2 above, if the polytheist trinitarian pagans EAT PORK because it is not prohibited in the NT, then SHOULDN’T that also allow for them to start marrying their own siblings (brothers and sisters) or their nieces and nephews, OR EVEN THEIR OWN PARENTS??
    I mean, who’s really to say no if the NT doesn’t prohibit it!!
    HECK, they’re now allowing for men to marry men and women to marry women!
    What’s next? Marry your own dog because the New Testament doesn’t say no?!
    You think some christians wouldn’t do it?

    So if you now agree with me that you must follow the Old Testament’s Social Laws, then shouldn’t you also follow the following:
    “And he that curseth his father, or his mother, shall surely be put to death. (Exodus 21:17)”
    “For every one that curseth his father or his mother shall be surely put to death: he hath cursed his father or his mother; his blood shall be upon him. (Leviticus 20:9)”
    “And he that blasphemeth the name of the LORD, he shall surely be put to death, and all the congregation shall certainly stone him: as well the stranger, as he that is born in the land, when he blasphemeth the name of the Lord, shall be put to death. (Leviticus 24:16)”

    Renegades/Apostates: Must they be killed?
    “If your very own brother, or your son or daughter, or the wife you love, or your closest friend secretly entices you, saying: Let us go and worship other gods (gods that neither you nor your fathers have known, gods of the peoples around you, whether near or far, from one end of the land to the other, or gods of other religions), do not yield to him or listen to him. Show him no pity. Do not spare him or shield him. You must certainly put him to death. Your hand must be the first in putting him to death, and then the hands of all the people. (Deuteronomy 13:6-9)”
    “And he should go and worship other gods and bow down to them or to the sun or the moon or all the army of the heavens, …..and you must stone such one with stones and such one must die. (Deuteronomy 17:3-5)”

    Very confusing, isn’t it?

    (From: http://www.answering-christianity.org/lesbian_rebuttal.htm#bestiality )

  5. [defenderben] says:

    Interesting, Quirino seems to have no objections at what I posted dated March 12, 2012. He somewhat agree, maybe. :-)

  6. Monisima says:

    i Would also be interested in what the INC believe, and how they live, etc. Not to be critical nor to be converted, but out of sheer curiosity as the INC wields so much power in Philippine elections.

  7. Mondy Garcia says:

    You mentioned Deut 4:39, Malachi 2:10, John 17:3, Mark 12:32, 1 Cor 8:6, and Eph 4:4-6.

    You just made my faith stronger that Jesus is the Son of God.

    Gen 1:26, John 3:16, and Mt 28:19-20 adds to it. Maybe the real point is the understanding that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is one. If humans count them, they are three. But really, they are one.

    I believe that Jesus is the Son of God, so he is God himself also. It takes the Holy Spirit to understand the Scripture, since they are inspired by the Holy Spirit. Mistakes happen when the finite mind tries to grasp the infinite without the Holy Spirit.

    At the end of the day, there can only be one who is right in this argument. But for me, I better recognize the son of the owner of the house if I want to enter his father’s house, because that is his house also.

    Peace be with you. :)

  8. Real29 says:

    I would like to address this message to all INC members, Ministers or even Eduardo Manalo.
    even the simplest mind could grasp this.

    But before you read, open your heart, open your mind and may the Holy Spirit will let you understand

    Felix Manalo, the last messenger?

    If you have read and know what are the characteristics of the God’s TRUE MESSENGER, you will know that Felix Manalo is not.


    Very Simple. A Messenger would never accuse and use the power of authority of the government to defend himself and make someone guilty.

    but what did he do to Rosita Trillanes?


    I would only believe that he was A TRUE messenger if , he lived a poor life, preached the Gospel, preach figurative languages..but everything was so opposite

    Manalo lived a wealthy ,never preached the gospel but HIS GOSPEL…taking and twisting what is in the bible and deceived many..indeed his church is biblical. .and i could point out the sheep’s clothing to cover it’s self,its the “TRUE TEACHINGS” and “TRUE CHURCH”

    Idea of Manalo is not new..what he did was..pointing all the unanswered question and make his OWN CHURCH REGISTERED IN THE GOVERNMENT FOR PROTECTION{NOT PROTECTION FROM GOD}
    to makes thing answerable. Martin Luther did the same centuries ago.

    Read the bible yourself if you can read and understand . There will no prophet or someone sent by God to save the world or to RE-fulfill his plan because its already done 20 centuries ago and still the FOUNDATION BUILT ON A ROCK THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. What will come are false prophet that will lead you astray.

    I encourage all the INC members and catholic who are in the middle of confusions to visit


    before you throw questions like “why do catholics do this?…that?..visit the site above, it contains almost all the answers you will ask… if you can’t find it there, then ask QUIRINO he will, answer you in a very gentle and humble way. Haven’t you noticed??? hard words were been thrown to QUIRINO in these blog but he never change his tone in his answers..I could say that the man behind the name of QUIRINO carries an attitude of Jesus.

    where we can find in the bible??”

    that’s from Martin Luther..THE SOLA SCRIPTURA

    visit this site, have fun:


  9. immanuel says:

    Now, it is all easy that INC claims to be the true church. And to substantiate this claim, it backs up the argument with phrases from the Bible which, to put it mildly, appear to be taken out of context as is not suprising if one does not read the context of particular verses as they appear in the Bible.

    In Isa 41:2 , the conqueror from the east that God is proclaming about, whom God will make triumphant and give victory over kings and nations is clearly Cyrus of Persia ( Isa 45:1). He was the one to free the Jews, who were in exile in Babylon, to return to Jerusalem. This is documented in the book of Ezra. Thus, Cyrus was the instrument used by God to free the Jews who were in exile at that time and he did just that as documented in the book of Ezra.

    This alone should prove that the teachings that the man from the east refers to Felix Manalo is baseless and contradictory to God’s words.

    Further examination of the verses that supposedly lay credence to Felix Manalo being the “last messanger” of these last days also reveal that the verses have been twisted and taken out of context. Let’s look at Isa 46:11 for example which states that God is calling a man to come from the east; and that this man will swoop down like a hawk and accomplish what God has planned. The INC claims that it refers to Felix Manalo. While it can clearly be seen that it refers to Cyrus as already mentioned, reading on to the next two verses (Isa 46 :12-13), one can see that God is referring to saving JERUSALEM. With God clearly indicating this, it is clear that the people being referred to are the Jews. This is the consistent theme of the book of Isaiah, that Isaiah was chosen by God to deliver His message to the people of Israel at that time. Even if one were to say that the future tense is used in Isa 46:11, that is a very shallow argument that again doesn’t take into context that as of that time, the Jews had not been freed from Babylon yet. It is a prophecy that Cyrus will be the one to save the people of God at that time, the Jews, from Babylon. This is God’s words and God’s plan. It is not a single verse that indicates God’s plan to have Cyrus save his people. It is also mentioned in Isa 44:28, 45:1, 45:13, 48:14-15.

    Also, the alluding of “ends of the earth” to the last days of earth is also baseless. In Isa 5:26, the Lord gives a signal to call a nation from the ends of the earth. Of course, reading this verse in isolation and combining it with other verses in this book or other books in the Bible could be used to string together a convenient explanation for Felix Manalo’s alleged coming as the “last messanger”. However, a look at Isa 5:27-30 would clearly indicate that this nation from the “ends of the earth” would “come to roar over Israel as loudly as the sea.” That is, this nation from the ends of the earth, is NOT “God’s chosen people in the last days” as INC claims but rather, the enemies of Israel who would come to conquer them.

    God chose Cyrus as the man from the east to save his people from Babylon. This is clearly stated in the Bible in the book of Isaiah and documented in the book of Ezra. To take isolated verses and string them together conveniently to distort God’s words is blasphemy, as I am sure you would all agree too. Hence, I’m not sure if lack of understanding or blind faith/allegiance is chaining you to this wrong belief.

    I hope you will read the Bible and understand the context of these verses, that Isaiah was an instrument of God to communicate to the people of Israel at that time. And it would be good if you opened your eyes and examine other teachings likewise.

    I mean well and I hope you will choose to believe what God truly intends.
    God bless you.

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