Ateneo Rosary Crusade: Who wants to join?

October medal (Miraculous Medal) and rosary given in Ateneo de Manila University

October medal (Miraculous Medal) and rosary traditionally given for free in Ateneo de Manila University after an October Mass. The book is my 1962 Baronius Missal.

I read in Zenit:

MANILA, Philippines, AUG. 31, 2011 ( The Family Rosary Crusade in the Philippines is spearheading a campaign to get 1 million Filipinos to pray 1 million rosaries in 200 days for all nations in the world.

Dubbed “A million roses for the world: Filipinos at Prayer: Peace for All Nations,” the campaign aims to rally Filipinos to offer one rosary each day for a particular country in the world in 200 days.

The nationwide activity will begin Oct. 7, the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary and end May 31, 2012, Feast of Our Lady of All Nations.

I am thinking of organizing an Ateneo Rosary Crusade (ARC) as a complement to my other org, the Ateneo Latin Mass Society (ALMS).  The ALMS I organized in behalf of Fr. Tim Ofrasio, SJ.  For ARC, I have a couple of Jesuits in mind whom I can ask if they would be willing to serve as spiritual directors.  But I think it would be easier to ask a Jesuit if there is already a stable group of Ateneans who would like to pray the rosary together, e.g. before mass in the college chapel.

I admit I have difficulty praying the rosary on my own.  It requires an extreme effort on my part.  But if there is a group who prays the rosary regularly, it is easier to persevere in prayer.  As St. Louis de Montfort says, the demons can distract one person at a time, but several persons praying the rosary together is difficult to distract, just as a bundle of sticks is hard to break.

So is there anyone interested in joining the Ateneo Rosary Crusade?

The Rosary belongs to the Ateneo’s Jesuit tradition.  Our Alma Mater Song is a Song for Mary.  Our basketball team is the Hail Mary Squad.  During October, the school gives out rosaries and October medals (Miraculous Medal) (I got 3 rosaries and 3 medals after mass).  And Ateneo High School students always have rosaries in their pockets.  So set us recover the tradition of praying the rosary in Ateneo de Manila University.  Let us form the Ateneo Rosary Crusade.

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4 Responses to Ateneo Rosary Crusade: Who wants to join?

  1. As a member of an SSPX chapel here in Chicago, I am already in a rosary crusade! It seems like a permanent condition! I’ve been in three year-long efforts now, and I have averaged over one hundred rosaries a month in each. It is difficult! I prefer to pray the divine office, and also I must say it cuts into my reading time. But on the latter, I just have to skip my evening glass or two of wine and then can read well into the evening. We are of course praying for the consecration of Russia to Our Lady, which will bring about all she promised us, including some goals close to your own heart, and to mine, for me namely the complete restoration of tradition in our Church, the abandonment of Vatican II modernism, the return to the struggle for the Restoration of Christ the King in all our nations.

    That is the only solution. I recently attended an SSPX conference in Kansas City here in the states, and they made a most excellent case for the repositioning of this goal in our efforts, rather than continuing the strategy of allying with anyone and everyone around certain limited goals (for example, the protection of the people from birth control and abortion). This makes a lot of sense to me, and I am not speaking theoretically, but practically, as I have been extremely active politically all my life, in very many struggles.

    Twenty years ago this goal, to proclaim Christ King in every struggle (meaning, of course, the ultimate imposition of the Catholic religious state) would have seemed outlandish, here in the US (far less so in your wonderful country). Now, as we suffer so from the last gasps of secularism, it seems far less so, and I mean to the people on the bus, not only to the people in the pew.

    Dear sir, may I get you the audio cd’s of this conference from Angelus press? I no longer confuse you with a worthy good student lad at Ateneo, but am no less at your service! I think they are worth your time, in considering the strategy for freeing the Philippines from the present horror.

    In Christ, our only King,

  2. Quirino M. Sugon Jr says:

    Hi Janet,

    Sure, you may send the CD. The SSPX’s Rosary Crusade is supported by the Philippine Catholic Church Hierarchy.

  3. Dear heart, the audio regarding the role of Christ the King in our defense of the souls of our people living in a secular state, as defined at SSPX’s conference in Kansas City in the US, is not yet available from Angelus Press; it will take a couple of months (!), the young man said when I inquired. I urged faster action, but meanwhile I must beg your patience! I will be attentive and will send them as soon as they are available. With best wishes for the rosary campaign, Janet at the whitelilyblog (fiteeen decades today, hope anyone reading this beat me)

  4. Quirino M. Sugon Jr says:

    Hi White Lily,

    No problem. I can wait :)

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