Ateneo Latin Mass Society: Mission and Vision


Mission and Vision

Ateneo Latin Mass Society (ALMS) is an association in Ateneo de Manila University which seeks to give greater glory to God by making the most beautiful celebration of the Roman Rite in Latin in both ordinary and extraordinary forms available to all.

To accomplish this, the ALMS shall do the following:

  1. Foster the use of Latin in the Roman Rite as mandated by Vatican II’s Sacrosanctum Concilium

  2. Promote both the ordinary and extraordinary forms of the Roman Rite, but with a preferential option for the extraordinary form in the Ignatian tradition of magis and excellence

  3. Train choir groups who can perfectly sing all the chants in Liber Usualis, in obedience to the mandate of Vatican II’s Constitution of the Sacred Liturgy that the Gregorian Chant should be given pride of place in the Roman Liturgy

  4. Train sacristan groups who knows by heart the responses and rubrics of both the ordinary and extraordinary masses in all seasons of the year.

  5. Train Jesuit seminarians, deacons, and priests in the words, rubrics, and chants in the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite

  6. Teach the congregation how to pray the rosary in Latin and how to chant the responses in missa cantata

  7. Provide the most exquisite vessels and vestments for any Jesuit priest who wishes to say the Latin Mass

  8. Promote Jesuit vocations, novenas to Jesuit saints, and prayers for the souls of living and dead Jesuits.

  9. Establish the Institute for Latin Studies for the study of the classical, medieval, and ecclessiastical Latin literature, especially those written by Jesuit saints and scholars.

  10. Promote the use of Gothic and Romanesque church architecture for the Roman Rite.

  11. Promote the Spirtual Exercises of St. Ignatius

  12. Promote St. Ignatius’s Rules for Thinking, Judging, and Feeling with the Church.

  13. Establish Latin Mass Societies in all Ateneo schools and form a worldwide Latin Mass Society of Jesuit Schools

  14. Coordinate with the Jesuit hierarchy and Church hierarchy in promoting the use of the Latin and Gregorian chant in all Jesuit schools and in all parishes.

  15. Promote Jesuit spirituality through the Sodality of our Lady and the Devotion to the Sacred Heart.


About Quirino M. Sugon Jr
Theoretical Physicist in Manila Observatory

13 Responses to Ateneo Latin Mass Society: Mission and Vision

  1. StScholastica says:

    Congratulations! This is an effort definitely worth pursuing.
    8 years ago we successfully integrated the Latin Mass in our Novus Ordo Parish.
    Much apprehension from many saying it would cause division, and initially it did.
    But the beauty of the Mass and the Music brought so much to the parish that it has been kept there up until this day.
    My best advice, shoot to have a High Mass everytime if possible.
    Make music a priority.
    Set goals to aggressively return to Tradition in every aspect, including the Sacraments.
    God bless you all, and keep us posted on your blog on your progress.

  2. Karl Yu says:

    hello batchmate!
    kudos by the way on the celebration of your latin masses in the ordinary form. i hope that you get to have masses in the extraordinary form soon. in the meantime, why doesnt the ALMS assist in other apostolates that work for the propagation of the EF. you guys can drop by the shrine of st. therese in pasay and help us out or just attend. we have EF masses there every sunday.


    What parish is this?

  3. Quirino M. Sugon Jr says:

    Hi Karl,

    Our sacristans will start training for four Sundays starting next week. This will be undertaken with the Commission of Liturgy of the Diocese of Cubao. Our Choir will start their weekly training on Gregorian chant starting June 20. I’ll meet with our Chant trainor this coming Monday to finalize the details of the choir practice. We have only two people in the choir at the moment. We need to form at least 6. I shall post the announcement for choir recruitment at the Ateneo Blue Board. Our first public mass will be at the end of July, close to the feast of St. Ignatius. It will be in extraordinary form, a missa de angelis. First impressions last, so we have to practice well.

    I’ll be there in St. Therese Church tomorrow at 9 am for the Latin mass. See you there.

  4. Karl Yu says:

    Thanks for going last Sunday. I hope to see you this coming Trinity Sunday. We’re having a High Mass/Missa Cantata. Bring your co-ALMS members.


  5. Eddienel says:

    Sir Sugon,

    We are organizing a high mass on the feast of the assumption of mary on august 15 to be offered at the seat of our Diocese (Tarlac). I know the priest, Fr. Melvin Castro whom I asked to offer is well-versed in Latin, but he’s very busy doing in his duty at CBCP and I guess he cannot arrange this. he just approved the proposal, and instructed me to find a choir and organize it.

    Now we begin from scrap but hopefully we can get the approval of the recommended choir to practice the chants as early as possible. Now, I need the rite and the proper hymns for the feast. I have the 1962 Missal but I cannot find the appropriate hymns,

    would you help me out to obtain an mp3 for the hymns and scoresheet.

    this is one of my greatest dreams, that the traditional mass will be offered in the altar in the seat of our diocese.


    Eddienel Villa

  6. Quirino M. Sugon Jr says:

    Hi Eddienel,

    Sancta Missa has excellent resources. For the choir training, you need to download the the Liber Usualis in pdf:

    I have no MP3 for hymns. I rely only on You Tube. Here are some chants for missa de angelis:

  7. suzanne says:

    ATENEO Latin Mass Society:

    You will learn perfectly the Traditional Tridentine Mass with the Society of Saint Pius X . I suggest you go to Our Lady of Victories Church. and bring all sacristans and students for them to experience the True Mass .Add: Betty Belmonte Street, New Manila.

    God bless you.


  8. Quirino M. Sugon Jr says:


    I attended mass there thrice, when I need to buy some stuff at their bookstore, like chant books and the Roman Missal. I like the low mass there. I can follow everything perfectly. I can go there more frequently if it is nearer. But it is an hour of travel away, just like most chapels offering TLM in Manila. ALMS members can always go and hear mass their on their own. But I cannot bring the whole sacristan group there as an official ALMS event, in order to protect the identity of ALMS, because of the clause in Art. 19 of the Instruction on Summorum Pontificum:

    19. The faithful who ask for the celebration of the forma extraordinaria must not in any way support or belong to groups which show themselves to be against the validity or legitimacy of the Holy Mass or the Sacraments celebrated in the forma ordinaria or against the Roman Pontiff as Supreme Pastor of the Universal Church. (

    Since SSPX is against the ordinary form, ALMS cannot officially go to Our Lady of Victories. Let us all pray for better times when SSPX and Vatican finally iron out the doctrinal problems.

  9. suzanne says:

    Dear Mr. Sugon ,
    Art 19 states ” the faithful who ask for the celebration'” applies only for those who have the knowledge and followed the Tridentine Mass. How can others will come to know the grandeur of the Old Rite when the archdiocese is not introducing it, since the Motu Propio of July 7, 2007 ? Therefore nobody will ask for it unless the clergy will and must introduce the Tridentine Mass to the faithful. It is their duty as a good shepherd.

    its a relief to know that you have formed the ALTS, spread it simultaneously to all Ateneo Universities, High School, and Grades School level. This will stop the communion in the hands.

  10. suzanne says:

    Dear Dr. Sugon,
    Pls accept my apology for not addressing you properly. Its only now i took time to browse the history of ALMS. Since you have started celebrating the Tridentine Mass there, is it possible you come over to ADZU with the priest celebrating it? Many of my friends will assist to this Mass.

    Happy Feast Day of the Holy Trinity !
    God bless.

  11. Quirino M. Sugon Jr says:

    Hi Suzanne,

    Nothing to sorry about. Actually, we haven’t yet started with a TLM. Our first mass was in ordinary form but in Latin. No communion in the hand, of course, just like the Pope. We are still training our choir and our sacristans. If they are already well trained by end of July, we can offer the extraordinary form. If not, we’ll have to offer the ordinary form and continue training.

    If God permits, we’ll be there in ADZU. But its a moon shot. I hope you can find a Jesuit priest there who is willing to say the mass for you. Or maybe a diocesan priest. The closest place to Zamboanga that offers TLM is in Davao:

    15. *Divine Word Formation Center – Davao
    (Seminary of the SVD Fathers, SVD Southern Province-Philippines)
    8000 Davao City P.O. Box 81218
    Holy Mass on Sundays: 3:00 P.M.
    Fr. Redempto Maniwang SVD

    It may be more feasible to ask Fr. Maniwang to say TLM for you, even once a month. If he says yes, you would need to organize yourselves so that as a group you can help defray his travel cost, stipend, and church rental–in case the mass collections won’t be enough.

    Best wishes!

  12. suzanne says:

    Thank you for your reply. Since we have been following closely the missions and fight of the SSPX our group has remained on the decision to invite them to come over. Momentarily, while the facillitation is underway some friends will attend the TLM of the Old Rite only if it is available.

    God Bless.

  13. Antonio says:

    SSPX is not yet in communion with Rome so in attending their Masses which are valid but illicit, it is best not to partake of Holy Communion.

    What about the Novus Ordo in Latin? SacroSanctum Concilium merely aloud the vernacular but never stated it as the normative. This time it is the other way around.

    In so doing, the Roman Church lost its universal identifying hallmark in the Liturgy so that when you go Cebu, China, Ilocos, Indonesia, Tibet, Norway – foreigners no longer understand the Liturgy and the local and cultural differences are becoming much pronounced each year with a lose application of the Novus Ordo. Imagine, dancing and prancing during offertory and recessional, holding the hands in the Pater Noster, reciting the much shorter Apostles’ Creed instead of the normative credo of Nicea.

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