Bishop Vicente Navarra of Bacolod calls for Caravan PRO-LIFE vs Reproductive Health Bill on 10 May 2011

From Sr. Josephine Sugon, HGS (La Salle Sisters of Guadalupe):

Dear Sisters,  Greetings of peace! Bishop Navarra would like to encourage us to join the Caravan PRO-LIFE around the City of Bacolod.  This letter was addressed to the Priests and Monsignor.  Sr. Thaddeus and I attended the meeting with regards to this Caravan.  As, NOWRA, we will support by joining this activity.  We highly encourage all members to join.

I am sorry of the delayed notice on our part due to electrical problem and other cares. God bless, sjohgs

This letter is sent in URGENCY.  So please take note of the following.  Because of the schedule FIRST PLENARY DEBATE IN CONGRESS of the RH Bill on May 10, 2011, PRO-LIFE Philippines, Inc. is organizing a Big Jericho March to Congress which will take-off at one o’clock in the afternoon of the same day.

As a follow-up of our Caravan PRO-LIFE, the Central Committee of said Caravan decided to hold a simultaneous Caravan of Cars around the City of Bacolod. They are inviting the parishes and priests to join this Caravan

11:30 A.M.       Assembly at Lupit grounds
12:00  Noon      TAKE-OFF Caravan within the City of Bacolod
1:30  P.M.       MASS at the San Sebastian Cathedral

In all parishes at exactly 12:00 P.M.  Ringing of  Bells should be done for 10 minutes.  The cars joining the Caravan should make noise by blowing their horns. PLACARDS/STREAMERS used during the island-wide caravan should be displayed by the cars.

Please come.  Encourage your parishioners with cars to join the caravan, too.

Assuring you of my prayers and pastoral blessing.

Very truly yours,

+Vicente M. Navarra, D.D.
Bishop of Bacolod


About Quirino M. Sugon Jr
Theoretical Physicist in Manila Observatory

2 Responses to Bishop Vicente Navarra of Bacolod calls for Caravan PRO-LIFE vs Reproductive Health Bill on 10 May 2011

  1. I’ll be praying, from here in Chicago. May God be with you. Although (come to think of it, in charity) the goal is too narrow, and the real goal should be the establishment of a Catholic religious state in which not only abortion and contraception are forbidden, but also divorce and pornography and homosexuality, and in which positive religious values are regularly supported by the civil authority. If that is not the goal, the attacks from secularism will continue, will escalate, and while a limited goal may be met, temporarily, on one side, other areas will slide out of attention. And that’s when you give your entire life, all your free time, all your attention, to the cause. Life becomes the cause. That is how it is for pro-life Catholics in the US. We manage to get ten more pro-life votes in Congress, meanwhile our kids are learning how to be gay in school. Focus the parent file, success is possible. Otherwise, get ready for a life of caravans just like this one and losses on all other fronts.

  2. Sr. Josephine M. Sugon, HGS says:

    Dear Pope, Thank you very much for publishing this important event. Please take note of the assembly point: It will be in Bacolod Capitol Lagoon instead of Lupit. May God continue to bless our mission that He entrusted to our care. God bless, sjohgs

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