Bishop Vicente Navarra of Bacolod heads Negros-wide Caravan for Life vs Reproductive Health Bill

from CathNews>Philippines:

A CHURCH-LED “Island-wide Caravan for Life” of about 80 vehicles kicked off in Bacolod City on Monday.

Bishop Vicente Navarra of the Diocese of Bacolod, who was scheduled to bless the vehicles before they depart, said the five-day caravan is being held to create wider awareness of the Church opposition to the Reproductive Health Bill.

Father Felix Pasquin said the bishop will join the caravan to San Carlos that is expected to be two-and-a-half kilometers long, with 80 vehicles.

More vehicles are expected to join the caravan as it makes various stops around Negros, Father Greg Patiño said….


My sister, Sr. Josephine Sugon, HGS informed me regarding this caravan. Their Facebook page is Caravan:

NEGROS ISLAND WIDE CARAVAN FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE HUMAN LIFE is set on April 11-15,2011 with the theme : “PROTECT LIFE! JUNK RH BILL!” – spearheaded by the DIOCESE OF BACOLOD together with the neighboring Dioceses in the Negros Island in cooperation with the CAPH-LIFE (Citizens Alliance for the Protection of Human Life).

1. To raise the awareness of our people on the evils of the Reproductive Health Bill and the Sanctity of Human Life.
2. To manifest our faithful adherence to our prophetic role as a Church in the protection of Human Life.

Please join the Facebook page to show your solidarity to the Caravan for Life.


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2 Responses to Bishop Vicente Navarra of Bacolod heads Negros-wide Caravan for Life vs Reproductive Health Bill

  1. I am sure you see this caravan as a very good thing, and of course it is. But please allow me to relate how good things can develop, as they have in the US where we have been fighting abortion now for about forty years, and lost the lives of fifty three million babies. The development we have seen here is, everyone will begin to focus on this issue to the exclusion of all others, and then, little by little, it will begin to be accepted, without discussion, that other issues take second place morally, socially, and personally.

    There will be no caravans against divorce and homosexuality,for example, and these will gain ground in the absence. No one will have time to protest against a growing trend for young people to live together without marriage, and of course birth control will get lost in the great horror of abortion, and will, as far as protests go, become an after-thought–as it apparently has in this one, even though Catholics in the Philippines seem to be more aware than we were, early, of the abortofacient nature of many birth control methods, like the pill, of course.

    And even more important things can be lost when the focus of the Church centers on this issue. Let me say how. For one thing, many talented priests take it as their focus and become guitar-strumming full-time ‘ecumenical’ activists leading anti-abortion groups (they will of course be ecumenical, since one attempts to gain allies, all the allies possible, in the civic struggle). And the laity becomes over-focused, as well. Two weeks ago I was at my usual place outside the Washington Street abortion clinic here in Chicago. A youth group had come to take their monthly ‘turn’ praying outside. They also make anti-abortion videos, and so had brought some visual aids, as it were, in this case large yellow helium balloons with the word ‘Life’ on the side. Well, their usual adult supervisors were late, so it fell to myself and another woman to amuse them (and keep them in line; they have been known to do ‘pranks’ that make our sidewalk counseling more difficult, like throwing holy water on the building which was taken for gasoline and caused much unnecessary furor, as you can imagine). I was telling them how a local wellness/activity community center was hosting big pot-lucks for the center every Friday in Lent with lots of meat dishes, and how I’d tried to protest, to explain to them that Catholics can’t eat meat on Friday during Lent and that it was rather cruel to tempt their fellow citizens, and why couldn’t they have it on Thursdays, or Mondays, if they wanted to have pot-lucks (I was not successful, and was laughed at; it was painful). Well, none of these Catholic kids, from our biggest indult Latin mass parish, knew that you weren’t supposed to eat meat on the Fridays of Lent. Not a single one! These are rosary-praying, cross-wearing Catholic kids! And when their adults came, neither did they. And neither did the man and the woman who are there with me every Saturday know this about their faith. The latter individuals are from different parishes.

    So, to put it in perspective: the women passing before us on their shameful missions to kill their children were about to commit mortal sins. So were all these people, since it is their responsibility to form true consciences in accordance with the Faith, and they have not done so. Both–all–mortal sinners. But the woman will feel guilty–we’re helping them experience this necessary step in repentence, for that matter. But no one helped me make those kids feel guilty. Even if it were a sin, they dismissed it with a wave: it can’t be as sinful as abortion. Nothing can.

    Right. Leaves lots of room for innovation in the sinning department. Where did they get such an idea? From the Church’s focus on the subject early on.

    They are all abortion activists, and that is the single element in the Catholic club. In their parishes, everyone centers on this activity now. There’s no catechism taught, just trips to the local abortion center to protest.

    There must be a name for it, in the board rooms of hell. Diversion, or mis-direction. It’s easy to fall for it.

    That can happen to you. Abortion is so obvious. It’s not thorny, the sides are clearly drawn, there’s an alluring element of horror not present in issues like frequent confession, or accomplishment in prayer, or chastity. There’ll be no caravans for chastity, or as I said, against divorce. That will all fall away.

    And this will be a more crushing defeat for the side of the angels than even abortion. Dear Philippines, with humility that my affection makes bold enough to say: don’t fight just abortion. It’s a trap. Fight the whole secular state. Embrace the Catholic religious state. Turn back Vatican II’s rejection of our right to it. Fight for this, not just one issue. Then all the mortal sins can be addressed, people can be protected from them all, not just this one, or these few. More is at stake even than babies’ lives. Their souls! There isn’t any easier answer, and if you turn away from realizing it, you will accept the slow strangulation of the Faith in the Philippines.

  2. jhon jan segunla says:

    yes to life no to rh bills me and my family support the cause god bless

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