Japan’s 8.9 magnitude quake is near the Shrine of Our Lady of Akita

NIIGATA, Japan (CNA) – The epicenter of the earthquake that caused a deadly March 11 tsunami is located near the site of an apparition in which Mary warned about a worldwide disaster that could afflict humanity….Hundreds of people have already been confirmed dead in the city of Sendai, located less than 90 miles away from the apparition site of Our Lady of Akita in the town of Yuzawa. The city of Akita, which experienced fire damage and flooding along with many parts of northern Japan, is a place of veneration for Catholics.

In 1973, the Virgin Mary was said to have predicted a number of future events – including natural disasters even more serious than Friday’s earthquake and tsunami – during three appearances to a Japanese religious sister, Sr. Agnes Sasagawa. The purported appearances of the Virgin Mary in Japan were reviewed by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger in 1988. During his time as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith prior to his election as Pope Benedict XVI, he let stand the local bishop’s judgment that the apparitions and the messages were acceptable for the faithful. The messages warned of chaos within the Church, and disasters which could afflict the world.

(read more in the Catholic News AgencyS)

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One Response to Japan’s 8.9 magnitude quake is near the Shrine of Our Lady of Akita

  1. Our Lady has always warned us of future events if we don’t pray. This is the right time for the whole Church to offer our prayers for the sins of the world. Let’s start atoning for our own sins and for the sins of the world.

    May our Lady of Akita help those victims and help us prevent future calamities… may God spare us during our lifetime. All we have to do is PRAY.

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