Fr. Cecilio Magsino’s positivist view of population growth: unemployment is due to less economic creativity

From the Philippine Daily Inquirer:


… Let’s be more creative. Is a big population the cause of unemployment? Reason tells me that unemployment is due to the shortage of jobs. So let’s be creative and ask our capitalists to create more jobs. Is population the cause of the lack of school buildings? Reason tells me we must be wise enough to provide more schools. Let’s be creative to build more schools. Don’t you think we’ll develop even more if we adopted a creative and optimistic attitude?

An optimist who sees many children who need education will think he can now set up a new school. Medical doctors who see many patients needing attention and who have the drive will think they can put resources together to set up a new hospital. It is the attitude of a defeatist to blame the size of the population when he perceives there is a shortage of goods. Historically nations have developed by producing the goods and services that the population needed.

Moreover, preventing births now to solve present or future economic problems shows a kind of thinking that lacks realism and synchronicity. The problems of lack of jobs, schools and health centers are in the present. The solution proposed which is to prevent births does not solve neither present nor future problems. In fact, the problems could be bigger with lower population growths. Just look at all the countries in the world that have negative population growth: they are literally disappearing from the world….

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