About Quirino M. Sugon Jr
Theoretical Physicist in Manila Observatory

2 Responses to Loyola School of Theology and John J. Carroll Institute on Church and Social Issues: Talking points for dialogue on the Reproductive Health Bill

  1. Jet says:

    Dear Maam, Sir
    kingdly send me the total amount of diploma course migration theology?
    I need to give the details to my korean friend who is a priest and want to take the course by next year…
    Thanks, Jet

  2. jun balansag says:

    my take is: There is no justification for the RH Bill; it should be scrapped altogether. This has become a hodge-podge of many rejected bills in the past and it is not only lousily crafted, it is also immoral.

    How can an honorable catholic insttution, known to be a staunch defender of the Catholic teachings, at this point wobble misarably? In the Code of Canon law, especially in the teaching office of the church, catholic institution is not to teach its “own theology”, but should instead teach the accepted doctrines of the church. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing your mandatum, your missio canonica, as a Roman Catholic institution. No amount of Jesuitical hair-splitting can justify such gross betrayal of the church at this crucial moment. Either you toe the line with the CBCP and the Vatican pronouncements, or get out from the church….

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