Noynoy Aquino and Barack Obama for CHANGE: Communist America and Contraceptive Philippines

My friends chided me for being a single-issue voter.  I did not vote for Noynoy because he supported the Reproductive Health Bill.  I voted for JC de los Reyes of Ang Kapatiran Party even though I know he wouldn’t have a chance.  But I voted for him, nevertheless.  I supported both JC de los Reyes and Gibo Teodoro in my Monk’s Hobbit blog.  Gibo, at least, has a capacity to change his mind on the reproductive health bill.

Catholics voted for Noynoy for many reasons.  I did not vote for him for only one reason: the RH Bill.  We should have voted for the man based on what he stands for and his capacity to govern and not who his parents are.  The winds of CHANGE swept both US and the Philippines.  We were mesmerized by the rhetoric of change.  Change we asked for and change we got.

The US under Obama became a totally different nation.  Obama could not mention the word “Creator” in the US constitution, believing that we could have the brotherhood of man without the Fatherhood of God.  There is no more right and wrong religion: all religions are equal–equally unecessary to the functioning of the State.  The US is now becoming a socialist state: big taxes, big healthcare plans, big government, but little faith on the ordinary working American who makes America great.  If the Americans are not vigilant enough, within a few years, America will be a Communist Empire with a false messiah at its head.

The Philippines under Noynoy Aquino, even in Aquino’s first hundred days of power, is a mess. We don’t know who is in charge.  With Gloria Arroyo as President, we know who is in-charge and we know whom to blame.  But with Noynoy Aquino, we don’t know who is in-charge so we don’t know whom to blame: Is it the President, the Cabinet Secretaries, the Mayor, the Police Chief, the Media, or the one selling balut?  Noynoy’s chat with Obama is a portent of things to come.  Change we asked for and change we got.  In a few years or even months, the streets will be flooded not by the waters of Ondoy but by condoms, pills, and abortion mills.  We now see condoms sold in MRT stations.  Soon we’ll see them in movie houses, in hotels, in every nook and corner of the street.  This is what is happening in US and in the rest of the world.  And UN, together with many multinational companies, are waging war on the soul of the Philippines.  And they have Lagman and other lawmakers as their mouthpiece.  They want us to offer our children to the Moloch  that appears in the guise of Population Growth and Poverty.  Fancy rhetoric.  But we have heard those lies before from the Father of Lies lurking in the Garden of Eden: “You shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.”  Tempting.  You can be assured that the 432 million dollars promised investments has strings attached:  “All these shall be yours, if you promote the reproductive health bill in the Philippines.”

About Quirino M. Sugon Jr
Theoretical Physicist in Manila Observatory

6 Responses to Noynoy Aquino and Barack Obama for CHANGE: Communist America and Contraceptive Philippines

  1. cdr king says:

    Noynoy seems to be the best candidate for presidency. However, I think it would not be best to focus his attention to issues such as these, he’s better off establishing his name first. Hope this would be a nice start for our country. It’s time, simulan ang pagbabago!

  2. Bro. Blain says:

    i never had a chance to Vote. But if i would i never had Noy in mind because i learned he was one who authored a support of RH BILL. Prayer at this moment can change things. Since, it seems that The Devil is at the peak of using his evil influence. Because, The Church is on the move to change back to traditional ways which he knows will destroy his reputation because it reveals his true identity. i’m not saying those in power are Devils but can be influenced if we are not vigilant.

  3. Quirino, your comparison of Obama and Noynoy is inspired. I don’t know Noynoy, but your analysis of Obama and his ‘movement’ is completely correct, and I trust you have identified those same elements in Noynoy and his movement. It makes me think, as I have so often, that Catholics are torn in half; there is no one party which supports Catholic social teaching (including the role of the state) and economic teaching. I wish so much we had a party here in the US that, besides holding firmly to those traditional laws regarding human sexual behavior, also planned legislation promoting wider ownership of small businesses, cooperative ownership of larger businesses that ought not to be profit-making, and so forth, which in the past were thought of as “progressive.” Our Republican party endorses a ‘free market’ approach to economics that is not Catholic, but we have to vote for them because of their anti-abortion policy (we have no one who is anti-birth-contro, notl yet–that’s why your struggle is so important to us, because birth control is just as bad as abortion, bad for women, bad for men, bad for the economy; the “two child family” is a myth and “family planning” kills love, and if you can make that point there, we could perhaps begin to make it here). Our Democratic party has become fascist, taking tax money to benefit a wealthy few ecause they are “too big to fail” and no one will suggest the obvious solution: legislatively and slowly but surely make them smaller, break them up. How I wish we had a party that brought it all together, and that refuted the US ‘separation of state and religion’ misunderstanding of our history.

  4. Noynoy is a nice president, he should focus his attention in fighting the corruption, if not eliminated at least it is minimized.

  5. What’s Noynoy done is better that what Gloria had done to the Philippines. It’s better to have a family planning to minimize the growth of population than to let people make people even if not capable to support it.

  6. ‘Philippine Constitution,’ please take ten minutes to study what “family planning” has led to in South Korea, just to name one place when scores have experienced exactly the same thing: economic failure due to decreased births. In South Korea, the big business of abortion, Family Planning, had to actually change its name, and its mission. Now its mission is promoting births. But it’s too late, and nothing is changing there. Once women learn to kill their own young, either through birth control or through abortion, and once men learn that sex without family responsibility lets you be immature forever, it is practically impossible to reverse. And then things go to hell fast. You’ve killed your producers and consumers. And these arguments against “family planning” are purely natural, purely economic. It is to say nothing of a more cosmic loss, souls for God. It is to say nothing of the insult to humanity, to treat human sexuality as a toy. And an especial insult to women. Those who argue for “family planning,” which is their lying way to describe genocide, hate women, their talk about ‘freedom’ is all smoke and mirrors. Women become sex toys when ‘family planning’ is freely permitted. They have to! They have no choice! Marriage goes away when ‘family planning’ is pushed on the people. Philippine Constitution, write some contact in the US and ask them to go stand outside a US abortion center any Saturday morning and then tell you what the women entering there look like. Those abused women are the face of the ‘freedom’ you think you want, and maybe you’re a man, and maybe you’re a particularly futureless man, a man without ties, a man wishing so much more sex to ‘enrich’ his life, so maybe you really do want this kind of ‘freedom.’ If that’s true, you merit our prayers, and you have mine.

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