A man in black visits Ateneo: Former Ateneo physics student Anthony Uy is now an FSSP seminarian

A man in black visited Ateneo last Thursday. You may have seen him: a tall Chinese walking in black robes like a Kung Fu master. But instead of Chinese shoes, he wears formal black shoes in the corporate world. And instead of a sword, he has a book–not the Bible or the Book of the Seven Animal Fists–but a Breviary, a book of prayers in Latin prayed by the monks of long ago. His name is Anthony Uy, a seminarian of the FSSP (Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter), a society of diocesan priests devoted to the promotion of the Traditional Latin Mass.

Anthony studied in Ateneo de Manila University from year 2000 to 2002 as a Physics/Computer Engineering student.  When his family moved to Canada in the middle of the first semester of his third year, he left Ateneo and completed his Physics Studies in his new country.  He took a job afterwards, but even before he went to Canada, he was already thinking:

“If I made the greatest discovery in physics, of what use is it?”

He joined the Ateneo College Ministry Group (ACMG).   He stayed more often in the Loyola House of Studies to enjoy the silence.  Soon afterward he began to join religious vocations discernment retreats.  When he went to his confessor, his confessor told him:

“Pray always.  God will give you your vocation.”

When he went to Canada and finished his studies, he worked for a year in the corporate world.  Then he heard about the FSSP, and the next thing he learned was that  he was already a seminarian in the Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary in Denton, NE.  He is now in his 4th year of studies.  According to him, two of his fellow seminarians have doctorate degrees in Chemistry and Physics.

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2 Responses to A man in black visits Ateneo: Former Ateneo physics student Anthony Uy is now an FSSP seminarian

  1. Br. Joseph says:

    I am very happy for this post. I participated a celebration of the Holy Mass with the FSSP in Rome three times. I was very happy and I wanted to have more and to learn it myself. Pray that the good Lord will find a way for me. Thank you

  2. BLain Ma. says:

    Pax Christe!

    i’m so happy to hear that a feLLow kababayan has joined the FSSP. wow! it encourages me too. because, i’m aspiring to join a traditionaL contempLative orders caLLed the CarmeLite monks of wyoming. they are based in the USA. founded by a an O. Carm. Bishop who combined both Ancient observance & DiscaLced spirituaLity forming a contempLative order of CarmeLites for men. For the first time, since in the earLy centuries the carmeLites had been Mendicant & if we taLk about pure contempLatives it onLy speaks about the Nuns. But if one tries to read the ruLe used by many CarmeLite nuns one can see the ruLe of Monks by St. ALbert the CarmeLite. adapting it from the earLy Life of those who Lived in Mt. CarmeL, paLestine. So, Please who ever read this pray for us & for Bro. Anthony Uy for perseverance & for yourseLves as weLL. Hope if anyone of you has a contact with Bro. Anthony can refer me to him? Thank you!

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