Fr. JBoy Gonzales, S.J.: Opus Dei Priests and Traditional Latin Masses

Thank you for promoting our vocation seminars. Because I am a Jesuit, I also pray for more vocations not just to our Order, but to the Church. (emphasis on the word, because).

When I was in UP, I worked well with Fr. Mike Milan and met other Opus Dei priests. I got to know more about their apostolates and missions. So I send many students to their study centers. Maybe, they can also help out in your advocacy. One of the priests is our product (from Xavier School I think), forgot his name. He is a very good friend of Fr. Jose Quilongquilong SJ.

But the best person who might be able to help is Mr. Carlo Florendo. I don’t know his contact, but if you can visit the study center in B. Gonzalez, he would be great. He teaches a latin choir.

One of the things I agree with you is simple: we are losing our images and symbols (Christian art) in our schools and other sacred places. I used to explain to my students some of these images like the lamb which many saints carry (eg. St. Agnes: I had my grade school in St. Agnes Academy in Legazpi). I do hope that I could do more.

And congrats to your Ateneo Latin Mass Choir. Though I am not an avid fan of the latin (I still like the vernacular and English), but I am for varied options for churchgoers. By providing a venue for those who would be very much helped by a Latin mass, our liturgies become more dynamic. The Church is a great church! There is food for everyone.

Fr. Jboy Gonzales SJ


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3 Responses to Fr. JBoy Gonzales, S.J.: Opus Dei Priests and Traditional Latin Masses

  1. FerdyRV says:

    I shall mention your interest to priest-friends of mine in Opus Dei. I continue to attend their formation, though I am not a member of Opus Dei. They have truly been of great help. Bringing back the Tridentine Mass is certainly going to help more people, spiritually and culturally, since Latin branches to other languages and professions like Medicine and Law. I hope I can also introduce this to our parish, which for me, has been to “parochial” you might say. Or in another parlance, too myopic. Maybe because nobody has been to affront in bringing “new” things to the parishioners themselves. But they are very holy people. They will just have to transmit this holiness to others.

  2. Ben Vallejo says:

    The varied options for the Church includes what we have had in the medieval ages but have largely lost. This includes the Divine Office for laypeople and the parish. This was largely conserved in the Anglican Church and is one that will be restored to the Catholic Church very soon.

    I agree we are losing Christian imagery. The imagery is not just in the icons in Church, but also in architecture. One of my ecclesiastical “pet peeves” architecturally speaking is Ateneo’s “Gesu”. I still believe the church architecture of that place of worship is more appropriate as a set for a Sci-fi movie!

  3. i’m happy you are a product of Legaspi city. i’m studying here at the present. i pray for you too.

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