Fr. JBoy Gonzales, S.J.: Opus Dei Priests and Traditional Latin Masses

Thank you for promoting our vocation seminars. Because I am a Jesuit, I also pray for more vocations not just to our Order, but to the Church. (emphasis on the word, because).

When I was in UP, I worked well with Fr. Mike Milan and met other Opus Dei priests. I got to know more about their apostolates and missions. So I send many students to their study centers. Maybe, they can also help out in your advocacy. One of the priests is our product (from Xavier School I think), forgot his name. He is a very good friend of Fr. Jose Quilongquilong SJ.

But the best person who might be able to help is Mr. Carlo Florendo. I don’t know his contact, but if you can visit the study center in B. Gonzalez, he would be great. He teaches a latin choir.

One of the things I agree with you is simple: we are losing our images and symbols (Christian art) in our schools and other sacred places. I used to explain to my students some of these images like the lamb which many saints carry (eg. St. Agnes: I had my grade school in St. Agnes Academy in Legazpi). I do hope that I could do more.

And congrats to your Ateneo Latin Mass Choir. Though I am not an avid fan of the latin (I still like the vernacular and English), but I am for varied options for churchgoers. By providing a venue for those who would be very much helped by a Latin mass, our liturgies become more dynamic. The Church is a great church! There is food for everyone.

Fr. Jboy Gonzales SJ

A busy semester for Monk’s Hobbit

I am teaching full-time this semester and I have several official tutorial classes.  I barely have time to update Monk’s Hobbit.  I am also working on a news blog for our department: Ateneo Physics News.  I already have my hands full.  My apologies to my readers and my dialogue partners.  I shall respond to you soon.  Monk’s Hobbit remains my primary non-science blog.  I shall be blogging more soon, especially on the latest developments on the Traditional Latin Mass in the Campus and in the Pasig Cathedral.