Bishop Honesto Ongtioco of Cubao excommunicated Xavier Ubra de Borja for disguising as a priest of the Traditional Latin Mass

MANILA, June 18, 2010— A “fake priest” was formally excommunicated after serving at the Diocese of Cubao for over a year.

The excommunication of Xavier Eubra de Borja was issued last May 30 but made public this week.

According to Cubao chancellor Fr. Fredrick Edward Simon, Bishop Honesto Ongtioco said the decision came because de Borja “disguised” as a priest.

De Borja was a homegrown resident of St. Ignatius village and was a parishioner of Christ the King Parish at Greenmeadows where he served as altar boy during his school days.

He allegedly left the country and entered a seminary in Russia and went back for vacation in 2009 identifying himself as “ordained priest” and went around the parish in black cassock.

The man had clerical robes and documents that he is a member of the Canons Regular of St. Augustine based in France.

Sources said de Borja’s family being parishioners and upon the recommendation of several parishioners, he was accepted as “guest priest” while on vacation prior to his “return to his current assignment in Russia.”

A check, however, with Vladivostok-based Mary Mother of God Mission Society website revealed no Filipino priest has ever been assigned there.

It was learned he celebrated the Eucharist, heard confessions and conducted retreats and recollections.

He reportedly attracted parishioners with his celebration of the Mass described as “reminiscent of all the reverence and strict compliance with the movements and rituals whenever traditional Latin Masses are celebrated.

The fake priest was also reported to have delivered good homily during Mass and knows how to say the Holy Mass in Latin and Traditional (Tridentine) Latin Mass.

It was also learned he heard confessions and accepted invitations to conduct retreats and recollections for various parish-based organizations.

Being excommunicated, De Borja is now banned from participating in Mass, Communion or other religious ceremonies even as a participant.

Source: CBCP News


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4 Responses to Bishop Honesto Ongtioco of Cubao excommunicated Xavier Ubra de Borja for disguising as a priest of the Traditional Latin Mass

  1. bro. BLain says:

    Reading tis articLe makes my pines froeeze. but hey, that’s part of Church’s purification. we must pray. thank you for the info. i’m sad too to know such an act. i might have been one of those who have been deceived too. because of my Love for TLM. May this said person be enLighten by God’s mercy. So, as for everyone visiting here. that they may not be incLuded on those who were got carried away by the enemies Lies. Let us entrust it aLL to Our Lady who aLone have destroyed aLL heresies in the worLd & who was ordained by God to crush the enemies head. Pax!

  2. Br.Pat says:

    You’re right bro!
    I belong to the same community that the fake priest was claiming to belong to, and i have lived with him for a short while here in Russia. I was very surprise to hear that he became an “instant” priest back in the Philippines. I’m glad that he is being stopped. However I do pray that God may show him Mercy.


  3. Ben Vallejo says:

    Parish councils should ask any visiting or guest priests their celebrets. I find it very amazing that the Cubao parish in the news article didn’t ask the “priest” for his celebret.

    One bishop required his priests to wear their celebrets like an ID during All Saints Day when priests go around giving blessings to the families of the deceased. It is because many “priests” take advantage of the public in asking for donations.

  4. Japs says:

    a commenter on my blogsite [] have posted in my comment section that Xavier Ubra de Borja NEVER celebrated the Traditional Latin Mass.

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