Senatorial candidates who support the reproductive health bill

Advocates of reproductive health on Thursday urged voters to choose among 15 senatorial candidates supporting reproductive health and family planning policies.

In a statement, RH policy advocates including the Philippine Legislators’ Committee on Population and Development Foundation, Inc. (PLCPD) and the Philippine NGO Council on Population, Health and Welfare, Inc. (PNGOC) endorsed the following candidates:

1. Acosta, Juan Nereus, Jr. (Liberal Party) 2. Bautista, JV (Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino) 3. Biazon, Rozzano Ruffino (LP) 4. Cayetano, Pia S. (Nacionalista Party) 5. Defensor-Santiago, Miriam 6. Estrada, Jinggoy (PMP) 7. Hontiveros, Risa (LP) 8. Marcos, Bongbong (NP-KBL) 9. Maza, Liza (NP) 10. Ocampo, Satur (NP) 11. Remulla, Gilbert (NP) 12. Tamano, Adel (NP)

Ramon San Pascual, PLCPD executive director, said they chose the candidates based on their authorship of the RH bill, media and public pronouncements supportive of RH and family planning, and “proven track record in championing these issues and the reproductive health bill.”

Source: GMA News TV

Monk’s Hobbit: I am still looking for senatorial candidates to vote who does not support the reproductive health bill.  I already have seven from Ang Kapatiran Party.  The Ang Kapatiran’s candidates may not make it this election, but there are still elections years ahead.  We have to build grassroots support for this party which has a clear pro-life platform.  RH Bill supporters are now counting the candidates they can rely on.   This will be a long battle.