Book on Our Lady of Penafrancia: “Ina: Little Stories of Faith”

Source: (Melo M. Acuna of Vox Bikol)

MAKATI City, April 9, 2010— A coffee table book on the well-venerated patroness of the Bicol Region, Our Lady of Peñafrancia, was released yesterday during the launching rites held at the Yuchengco Museum, Makati City.

Entitled “Ina: Little Stories of Faith,” the 250-page book contains “stories of inspiration and the inspiration about and behind the stories.”

Daet Bishop Gilbert Garcera, who presided over a Mass before the book-launching, said the book anchors its narrative flow from the Word of God because for a period of three centuries since 1710 “our faith tells us that God is our story.”

“Through Ina, Our Lady of Penafrancia interweaves the human heart and voice of the Word, Jesus,” Garcera said.

The book has twelve chapters with its first chapter refreshes the Bicolanos and the devotees’ faith history as the editors recalled the early miracles of the Our Lady of Peñafrancia.

The book features accounts of healing events, small yet significant triumphs over personal, financial and spiritual crisis and expressions of gratitude for new assignments, office promotions and many more.

It also contains accounts about vocation and the priesthood from ten seminarians, five priests and a bishop who shared their struggles and the desire to live a holy life.

Bishop Garcera said the three hundred years of devotion will never be complete without the Colgante Bridge tragedy in 1972 and the memorable return of the image of Ina in the midst of typhoon Rufing in 1982, the story of the previous crown jewels of Ina during the Japanese time.


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