Ateneans for Noynoy Aquino: A red socialist flag amidst the yellow ribbons in Katipunan Avenue

I was walking in an overpass in Katipunan avenue that stretches from National Bookstore to Gate 2.5 of Ateneo. A saw an Ateneo faculty member and I guess some students handing out yellow ribbons to passing cars at the U-turn bottleneck. Amidst the yellow and white is a curious sight: a red flag with two Filipino words: “_____ Sosyalista”. I can only remember the English translation I made in my mind: Socialist Foundry. In the flag is a hand holding a hammer.

I was curious. I went to the guy carrying the flag. I asked them what group does he represent. He mentioned the name emblazoned in his flag. I asked him how is his group related to Noynoy Aquino for president campaign. He answered that his group supports the candidacy of Noynoy Aquino.

I am really suspicious of the word “socialist” in large red flags. I see these large red flags in leftist rallies. I think one reason for such large flags is to compensate for their little numbers. A group of ten people carrying one large red flag each, when viewed close-up by a cameraman for TV news broadcast, would appear a force to reckon with. But if you look at them from a distance and do a head count, you are lucky to get ten or more. And they use these large megaphones calling for the rejection of the present government system, which is a odd since Lisa Maza of Gabriela and Satur Ocampo of Bayan Muna are joining the senatorial race. This is a departure from Mao Tse Tung’s strategy of conquering the countrysides and then constricting the cities from without. I think the Philippine Left’s strategy now is to infiltrate the government system and use the government’s money to fund the Left’s conversion of the countryside. Communism is a Atheism, a godless religion. Communism was condemned by Pope Pius XII in 1948 and all who support it are excommunicated, e.g. Fidel Castro. But the condemnation is only for communism and not for socialism. And Satur Ocampo and Lisa Maza may call themselves simply as socialists, not communists. But I am still suspicious of those who call themselves socialists.