Pro-Life Week at Ateneo de Manila University: Homosexuality and Abortion

I came from a noon mass for the wake of Fr. Joseph Galdon, S.J. When I left the chapel and went to the cafeteria, I saw a poster about the Pro-Life week at the Ateneo. That was last February 2010. I learned that there was a series of talks and films. One is “Memoirs of a GaySha.” This is a riff of “Memoirs of the Geisha”. GaySha in Filipino is gay siya or “He is gay.” From the title, I can assume that the talk is about a man who was formerly a gay. Another talk is “Homosexual Acitvity: How Gays Separate Themselves From God.”

There is still hope in Ateneo. I thought the homosexual propaganda have succeeded in obliterating Ateneo’s Catholic identity in this culture war. I am glad I am not alone in this battle.

I searched Ateneo Pro-Life week in Google and I found some You Tube videos made by students on abortion in Maikei’s channel. The videos are interviews of Ateneo students on the evils of abortion; it is better to send the child to adoption that to abort it. Another video is on the development of the fetus from conception to birth.  Below the videos is the following note:

For PRO LIFE week Project made by college students from ADMU. Th131-G Prof. Mariles Borja – SY 2009-2010 Group 5: Abortion Matatag Bautista Hansley Juliano Raymod Panotes Mikee Marquez Iyai Villavicencio.  Title….

The teacher, Mariles Borja, is a BS Psychology graduate of Ateneo batch ’89.  She is an instructor in Ateneo de Manila with an MA in Theological Studies.


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3 Responses to Pro-Life Week at Ateneo de Manila University: Homosexuality and Abortion

  1. Hello! I’m an alumnus of the Ateneo (AB DS ’05). I’ve long been involved with Mission Youth, formerly known as the Youth for the Third Millennium, an international evangelization group taking root on campus. Anyway, I’m glad to know that there is such a group as an Ateneo Latin Mass Society. It’s just so… unheard of (?) or simply, not very likely to be found on Ateneo grounds.

    I was also delightly surprised during my last visit to take the grad school entrance test that there’s a group that organized the pro-life week. This is really a breakthrough for AdMU and something I wanted so badly while I was still there.

    Anyway, there’s a Legionary priest who could assist you with a little bit of chaplaincy needs (he’s in charge of Mission Youth), though he is not ready for the EF. Please let me know if I can be of help to your apostolate.

    God bless you!

  2. Quirino M. Sugon Jr says:

    Thanks, Niccolo. But we are still scouting for a good chapel. When we find one, I shall inform you.


  3. Angelo says:

    According to my blockmate who is under Ma’am Borja now for TH-131, she is a very good teacher, and quite orthodox. According to him, she might be against the RH bill. Recently I have been able to look at her lecture notes (which I borrowed from that blockmate). And yeah, she is orthodox, quoting magisterial documents and CCC a lot. She explains why believing in the Church matters. Sabi nga ng blockmate, tiyak na magugustuhan ko raw si Ma’am Borja kapag naging teacher ko siya.

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