Alliance of Concerned Parents against Condom stage a rally in front of Department of Health

MANILA, March 12, 2010— Filipino parents took out a rally in Sta. Cruz district to protest against the state government’s promotion of condom and other contraceptives across the country.

The government health department is currently on aggressive campaign to push the use of contraceptives as part of its campaign against HIV. The advocacy also aims to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

But in Manila, around 60 people from the group, Alliance of Concerned Parents against Condom, stage a rally Friday in front of the Department of Health. “The use a condom is another way to promote free sex,” said Jose Rufo Fernandez, one of the protesters. He called on the authorities to implement effective measures if only to stop the spread of the dreaded disease and that is according to moral principles. During the rally, protesters distributed flyers, reading “There’s no such thing as safe sex” to pedestrians and motorists. The group vowed to initiate more rallies in other parts of Metro Manila in the coming days, saying the public needs to know the real score about the government pro-contraceptive policy.

Another protester Alice Mendiola called on the government to close down short-time motels and ban prostitution in the country. She said it’s ironic that the government flaunts its anti-HIV campaign and yet tolerate major venues which cause the disease to spread. “Why do they have to promote condoms that have been proven to be ineffective in the battle against AIDS in other countries,” Mendiola said.

The protesters also called on President Arroyo to clarify the stand of her administration on artificial family planning. Arroyo had been claiming that she is still for natural family planning but the health department, so far, is doing otherwise. Mendiola said the fate of the promotion of contraceptives—considered one of the most contested issues among Church leaders and State officials—still lies in the hands of the chief executive. (CBCPNews)


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One Response to Alliance of Concerned Parents against Condom stage a rally in front of Department of Health

  1. Japs says:

    God bless them. When the issue about the motels here was started by the Archbishop Arguelles, I was on fire to rally against the motels. I would wear some signs and stand there for more than an hour. I am now trying to start an information drive about pro-life.

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