Six Catholic Bishops now back J. C. de los Reyes and Ang Kapatiran Party: Arguelles, Bacani, Nacua, Navarra, Palang, and Tobias

MANILA, March 6, 2010— What is with Ang Kapatiran (The Brotherhood) party that other political parties don’t have? Four more Catholic bishops came out in the open endorsing the Ang Kapatiran party of presidential aspirant John Carlos “JC” de los Reyes, breaking with the tradition of offering commentary on election-related moral issues without endorsing candidates. The influential prelates now include Bishops Antonio Tobias of Novaliches, Joseph Nacua of Ilagan, Antonio Palang of San Jose de Mindoro and retired Bishop Teodoro Bacani.

According to Bacani, the platform of the said party which, according to its founders, was formed based on Christian precepts is “worth supporting” by “any intelligent Catholic.” He said a “peculiar feature” of the party is that all its candidates are committed to the entire platform and principles of the party without any mental reservations. “I hope that it will catch fire in the imagination and hearts of our formation of this political party. I hope people would join it in great numbers and promote it among fellow Filipinos,” said Bacani.

Tobias affirmed, for his part, “Of course I am with you for the Ang Kapatiran as the conscience vote for the 2010 election.

Nacua said a political party with platform based on clear principles has a roadmap for genuine integral human development. Leadership without vision, governance without morals, cannot lead to true liberation, he said. “The Kapatiran stands on principles for the common good not on personalities. That is the way of genuine representation in government,” said Nacua, the country’s first Capuchin missionary to be appointed as bishop.

Source: CBCP News

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