Archbishops Ramon Arguelles and Vicente Navarra support Ang Kapatiran Party’s presidential candidate J. C. de los Reyes

At least two senior prelates came out in the open Thursday expressing their full support for Ang Kapatiran’s standard bearer John Carlos “JC” De Los Reyes.  Bacolod Bishop Vicente Navarra and Lipa Archbishop said they will firmly stand for what they believe is “right” and “necessary”.

“I guess it’s time for us to come out,” Navarra said. “It’s really a matter of conscience this time. That is what my conscience is telling me so I will stand for what I believe is right.”  The prelate said he is endorsing De Los Reyes and other Ang Kapatiran bets because of their commitment to the Catholic Church’s social teachings.  Navarra said he is engaging in partisan politics this time to be “consistent” with his advocacy for good governance and eradication of graft and corruption.  “They’re the ones with clear sincerity in bringing political change to our country. They also stood up to the principles supported by the Church,” he said.

Arguelles, however, admitted that De Los Reyes’ winnability in the presidential race, as surveys show, is “slim” but said he would still support him.  “There’s no vote that is wasted on a candidate you believe could bring real change, whether he wins or not,” he said.

Source: CBCP News

De los Reyes, Ang Kapatiran’s standard bearer, has expressed elation Thursday after two Catholic bishops endorsed his candidacy.  “In behalf of the party, I am humbled, happy and highly encouraged. This is the best incentive for all of us in Kapatiran to work harder to evangelize and reform politics,” he told the CBCPNews.   De los Reyes said the rare endorsements by the bishops will spur them to work harder in a bid to win the top government posts.  “The bishops’ affirmation of what we in Ang Kapatiran are doing to introduce a prophetic politics of personal and social transformation in our country, in a holistic and integral manner, gives us encouragement to continue fighting the good fight,” he added.

Ang Kapatiran had claimed that their formation was in response to the call of the Second Plenary Council of the Philippines (PCP-II) for the lay faithful “to participate actively and lead in the renewing of politics in accordance with values of the Good News of Jesus”. (Roy Lagarde/CBCPNews)


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