Reflection for the 9th Station of the Cross: Jesus Falls for the Third Time

Below is my letter to Fr. Lumbo, S.J. of Ateneo High School.  The High School is the organizer for tomorrow’s Stations of the Cross at the Ateneo de Manila University.  Ms. Marivi Cabason of the School of Science and Engineering (SOSE) Dean’s office asked me to write the reflection for the 9th station.


Dear Fr. Eli Rowdy Y. Lumbo, SJ

Sorry for the late reply.  I was requested to make the reflection for
the 9th station, “Sa ikatlong pagkakataon, nabuwal uli si Jesus.”
Below is my reflection:

O Hesus, sa bawat yapak mo’y bumibigat ang iyong krus.  Pasan mo sa
iyong balikat ang kasalanan ng mundo?ang kasalanan ng Israel, ng iyong
Simbahan, ng iyong bayang Pilipinas.  Pasan mo sa iyong balikat ang
karumaldumal na pagpaslang sa Maguindanao, ang walang hanggang
korupsiyon sa gobyerno, ang pagkawala ng puri ng mga kababaihan, ang
pagkawasak ng pamilya.  Subalit higit sa lahat, ang aking paulit-ulit
na pagkasala, pagkatapos ng maraming pangakong hindi na magkasala
muli, ang siyang nagpalugmok sa iyo.  Bigyan mo nawa ako ng lakas
bumangon muli at ikumpisal ng aking mga kasalanan, lalo na ang mga
kasalanang pilit kong binabaon sa limot at ang mga kasalanang
paulit-ulit kong ginawa.  At sa tulong at biyaya ng iyong Banal na
Sakramento, sisikapin ko ng buong lakas na talikuran ang kasalanan at
ang lahat na mag-uudyok sa akin sa kasalanan.

Please feel free to modify the reflection.

In Christ,

Dr. Quirino M. Sugon Jr.
Manila Observatory

Monk’s Hobbit: It is difficult to think in Tagalog, though I took my two Philosophy of Man classes in Tagalog.  I did my best to think in Tagalog and tried to be as socially relevant as asked of me.  The reflection  haven’t really passed through several editing stages.  I hope it is alright.  Here is my rough translation:

O Jesus, at each step your cross grows heavier.  On your shoulders you bear the sins of the world–the sins of Israel, of your Church, of your country the Philippines.  On your shoulders you bear the unspeakable massacre in Maguindanao, the endless corruption in the government, the loss of honor of virgins, and the destruction of families. But it is my repeated sins, after the many promises not to sin again, that made you fall again.  Grant me, I beseech you, the strength to rise up again and confess my sins, especially the sins I tried to bury in memory and the sins that I kept on repeating.  And with the help of your Holy Sacrament of Confession,  I shall do my best to turn away from sin and to all occasions that cause me to sin.

The connection of the third fall with repeated sins I got from my Baronius missal.


About Quirino M. Sugon Jr
Theoretical Physicist in Manila Observatory

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