Celebrating St. Valentine’s day by going to a Traditional Latin Mass in Sikatuna, Quezon City

Today, Feb 14,  is the Feast of St. Valentine, and I celebrated it by going to a Traditional Latin Mass in Our Parish of Our Lord of Divine Mercy in Sikatuna, Q.C.  A year ago, on Feb 16,  my friend and I also went here for a Sunday mass. I can still remember her veil.  Time flies fast.  She is now with the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate in Cebu for her Aspirancy.  Fr. Dan McNamara, S.J., my friend’s confessor and my thesis adviser, chided me that it is already my time to join him for a 10-day retreat this March in Baguio, just as my friend had done.  I’ll see if my schedule allows.

My  Baronius missal is actually my friend’s missal which she bought in Our Lady of Victories (SSPX) church in Cubao.  Of all the things that she has given me, the missal is my dearest treasure.  The prayers before and after the mass helps me focus more on the Eucharist, and helps me to be more thankful for the divine condescension.  I could not yet regularly pray the morning and evening prayers, but I try my best to make them since the Litany of the Holy Name of Jesus and that of our Lady increases ones love to our Lord and Lady.  I always use my missal even in Novus Ordo masses.  After about four and a half months of using this missal, I can now read and understand the mass and the devotions in Latin.  I read the Epistle and the Gospel in Latin and I am surprised that my reading comprehension has increased.  Maybe it is because I am familiar with Scriptures so I can easily guess the meanings of the Latin words.  I also studied some Latin before by reading a textbook meant for Grade 1 Latin.  I only finished one-fourth of it, then I gave up.  I wonder what St. Ignatius must have felt when he studied Latin with little boys.  Humility is the foundation of knowledge.

After the mass, I saw Carlos Palad on the choir loft.  I went up to him.  And there I met Jesson who introduced me to Junar, a member of the ALMS Yahoo group,  and Dennis Maturan, the founding chairman of Ecclesia Dei Society of St. Joseph.  He is also an associate member of the Ateneo Latin Mass Society.  Dennis is the acolyte who chants the Epistle.  He chants well.  I also met Shirley Monreal, whose name I only read in the apologia-ph Yahoo group.

We went down and waited for Fr. Jojo to finish blessing some statues and other sacred objects.

Carlos Palad was holding two cds.  He told me he downloaded the Orthodox Rite for the Liturgy.  He loves this liturgy with  eight sacristans doing the censers.  He was able to download this before but his house was flooded during Typhoon Ondoy and his cds were destroyed.

We went to the back of the church.  I met there Nathalie and others whose name I cannot anymore recall.  I also met there Rommel Mendoza (?) who graduated Physics-CE in Ateneo de Manila University, batch ’89.  I am B.S. Physics batch 97.  We were not able to talk much since Fr. Jojo Zerrudo already came out of the sacristy.  And it is him whom I wanted to talk to about some matters.

Fr. Jojo and I talked in one of the rooms facing the sacristy, across a basketball court.  We shared experiences on the formation of the Latin Mass Society.  He told me that for eight years in Masambong, he only had Dennis Maturan.  Now, he has Gerard Cenir as his Liturgical Master of Ceremonies and he has a full sacristan group.  Fr. Jojo told me that I can ask Gerard to help train the ALMS sacristans.  Fr. Jojo’s choir is from U.P and many of them are members of the U.P. School of Music. The Traditional Latin mass in Sikatuna is indeed blessed.

Fr. Jojo advised me not to make much noise in Ateneo, to start the Traditional Latin Mass not with a bang but with a whimper.  I told him I still have to write to the Director of the Manila Observatory, who shall forward my letter to the Father Provincial, because there is no more Jesuit Community at the Manila Observatory.  I am still taking my time, crafting my thoughts, and praying for the right words to write to the Director.  Fr. Jojo told me that he prefers that ALMS start at the Observatory; the Oratory of St. Ignatius is too close to the Jesuits of the Loyola House of Studies.  The ALMS may crack under pressure.

I thanked Fr. Jojo for his advice and we parted.

About Quirino M. Sugon Jr
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4 Responses to Celebrating St. Valentine’s day by going to a Traditional Latin Mass in Sikatuna, Quezon City

  1. Japs says:

    I have been dreaming of attending a TLM one day. I think it has more reverence and ‘Catholic feel’ on it. If God will it, let a Liturgical Renewal begin in our Archdiocese of Lipa.

    I am praying for your success in this great work of the Lord. Ave Maria!

  2. Quirino M. Sugon Jr says:

    Thank you for the prayers. I shall also pray that you may be able to attend a TLM soon.

    Lipa is blessed to have Bishop Arguelles. I always love to listen to his homilies–so rich in Catholic tradition and doctrine.

  3. Jay Balza says:

    Feb. 14 (yesterday here in the US) was also special for me — I had our first born child baptized in the traditional rite. He was baptized right after his very first mass (TLM) since being born three weeks ago.
    I’ll post some pictures/video on my blog (http://sanctamargaritamaria.blogspot.com).

    I miss the folks there at PLDM. I was blessed to have attended daily TLMs during my two-week vacation last year. Hopefully there’ll be an increase of TLM’s in other places on my next visit! Will also include ALMS on my prayers. God bless!

  4. Pax!

    My name is Bro. BLain. i had attended TLM in sikatuna Last december. if i’m not mistaken for 5 days. i feLt so bLessed. i assisted at the choir with the organist from UP whose surname was Yu??? anyways, i was a former member of the Franciscans of the ImmacuLate aspirant back in 2007. we onLy did Latin twice using the Novus Ordo But the reverence is there. The Sisters singing it during a bLessing made us aLL cry. there is truLy something in gregorian chant & the Lex Orandi on it. Even their ContempLative nuns are now using TLM daiLy in Carmen, Cebu which made me feeL Like i was ready to die. When i Left they aLready started the use of TLM in every convent. Ever since this present Pope reLeased his Motu Propio. i visited & there i heard my first TLm with the Sisters. i toLd my former prefect “My first & Last” he Laughed. But i never knew i’LL be stiLL hearing & assisting again not untiL i truLy went by myseLf Last december in Sikatuna. i have taLked with Fr. Jojo & even confessed to him. Then, he toLd to come here aLways weLcomed me to assist & observe at the choir upstairs. There i was singing with the gregorian chants i i thought i’d never sang again since i Left the Franciscans. Now, i’m yearning to assist one of them again. there is a priest here in BicoL who is a Somascan Father Name Fr. Abie Arganiosa. i hope i can contact him & assist his TLM with my co-aspirant brother who recentLy got out to assist TLM. i pray for the TLm to return to it’s rightfuL pLace & shame those who are progressives & did nothing but poison the Liturgy & minds of MANY. sEEING, THE RESULTS ALONG WITH THE NEW LiTURGICAL Movement w/c supports TLM Mass.i’m happy too, that EWTN is one of those & the newLy Trappist reformed in Germany using the Cistercian rite. The onLy trappist that uses the strict observance of the ruLe. That is, why i pray the trappist in guimaras wouLd one day embrace reform. Because, i’m sadden by the many Laxity it has. i’m a present postuLant there right now. i’m stiLL finishing my course in psychoLogy. i’m stiLL discerning if it’s worth trying to back there or aim to pursue my desire to go with TLM. Thank you! Pax!

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