Blessed Sacrament was stolen from the Shrine of the Divine Word

Below is a distressing news from Carlos Palad:

I just learned this afternoon that, just this week (Monday, I think), the Blessed Sacrament was stolen from the Shrine of the Divine Word inside the Christ the King Seminary Compound of the Society of the Divine Word (SVD) along E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave.

This incident is most distressing because it occurred inside what is supposedly a guarded compound, a seminary no less.

Furthermore, this is — as far as I know — the third theft of the Blessed Sacrament that has occured in the past few months in the Quezon City-Manila area. Holy Trinity Church in Balic-Balic, Sampaloc (which has had thefts of the Blessed Sacrament at least thrice before) and Christ the King in Greenmeadows have also experienced this sacrilege.

Let us make acts of atonement and penance for these outrages.


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3 Responses to Blessed Sacrament was stolen from the Shrine of the Divine Word

  1. blackshama says:

    This is indeed very disturbing. We know from history that great travesty is part of the reason why the Blessed Sacrament is stolen.

  2. chiness says:

    Oh, goody. I don’t want to associate this with some sort of esoteric activity, but if someone plots the points of the theft and draw a pentagram out of the points, then my fears are confirmed. I just hope this is not the case. New Age seems to me like modern witchcraft, or better, the intellectual witchcraft. Ooh, the shivers.

  3. mao says:

    I have read that it occurred during midday. People usually do their siesta during that time, including church personnel. So often the church is left unguarded. (This is based on my experience in caring for the Oratory here at Baguio Cathedral).

    I guess it would be a better time to put some protection to Whom we adore. Let’s say, an altar rail? Usually these railings (which disappeared in many of our churches) are double-purposed: 1.A point to distinguish the Sanctuary from the rest of the church and; 2. A protection against curious or even tempted persons from going near or inside the sanctuary, stealing the altar ornaments and even desecrating the Blessed Sacrament. Another measure I’ve seen several times is a bullet-proof glass wall dividing the adoration room and the sanctuary.

    Because of this I am to guard my keys more carefully (‘Cause I am responsible for the Baguio Cathedral Oratory’s keys especially the Tabernacle’s key. Ive already put locks on the sacristy cabinets and altar rail because of recent thefts and threats of sacrilege last week here in the Oratory.

    Thank you for posting this sad news. It makes us more aware and now, more careful. I will offer sacrifices for this act of sacrilege and will urge more to offer up reparation. It is a great sacrilege and abomination to steal God Himself from His house. Let us beg Him that His wrath may be calmed by our sacrifices. Ad Iesum per Mariam!

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