Philippine Catholic bishops against 10-year marriage expiration proposal

MANILA, January 12, 2010—Filipino Catholic leaders have stood their ground against the proposal of a party-list group to legislate an expiration date to marriages. The proponents were reported to have said “a 10-year expiration on marriages would give couples the opportunity to review their relationship, and decide whether to continue or not with the union.”

CBCP President and Tandag Bishop Nereo P. Odchimar, a respected Canon lawyer said “Unity and indissolubility of marriage are values rooted in the bible and Christian tradition.”

Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Emeritus Oscar V. Cruz, another expert in Canon Law and Chairman of the CBCP’s National Appellate Matrimonial Tribunal said the proposal is “some kind of desperate approach to right a wrong by something wrong.” “It is wrong for couples to separate and here comes a proposal for them to precisely separate,” he said. Interviewed by CBCPNews, the 75-year old prelate said “if those who propose temporary marriage are really serious about their proposal, they should think of its consequences.” He identified the most serious concerns is the emotional trauma on the children whose parents separate. Besides, “this will produce a lot more children and result into population explosion,” he quipped. He added a man who gets married at age 20 and decides not to renew his marriage with his wife can go on and on until he marries his sixth wife at age 70.

Prelature of Isabela (de Basilan) Bishop Martin S. Jumoad said he’s definitely against putting an expiration date on marriages. He said commitment, fidelity and respect are vital for one to have a strong family. He urged on Filipino couples to “stick to one.” He added putting an expiration date on solemnized marriages will “open more problems among their children.” If this happens, he foresees “Philippine society will become chaotic, more street children and more social problems.”

As far as Administrator Carmelita N. Ericta, who concurrently sits as Civil Registrar General, the proposal to put expiration on marriages in the Philippines is “contrary to the aspirations of the Filipino people as espoused in the 1987 Constitution, the family being the building block of society.” In an interview with CBCPNews, such measure would deprive children of stable family life. “Ang tinitinginan ng mga nagsusulong ng panukalang iyan ay convenience ng mag-asawa,” she explained. She added there are about 500,000 marriages solemnized annually with less than 10% getting annulled and reported to the National Statistics Office. (Melo M. Acuña)

Source: CBCP News


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19 Responses to Philippine Catholic bishops against 10-year marriage expiration proposal

  1. ako_na says:

    mgnda na mgkaexpiration ang kasal but sana limited lng..once lng sana pd maexpire ung kasal.kung kunwari naexpire n ksal nyo then naisipan mo mgasawa ulit dapat d n pd maexpire ung kasal nun.dpt bgyan lng ng 2nd chance nde marameng chance kc mrame aabuso sa gnun…. sana mkta 2 ng mga ngdedecide pra nmn mkta nla ung mga suggestions sa petition for this expiration of marriage…..

  2. michelle magabo virtusio says:

    ano eto? cguro ang nagpropose nito ay di pa naexperienceang tunay na meaning of love,they haven’t experience how to live happily, with someone they truly love…. manginig sana kayo. tamaan kayo ng kulog at kidlat

  3. Tristessa says:

    Dapat magkaroon talaga ng expiration ang kasal. Naiintindihan ko ang pananaw ng simabahang katoliko, pero isipin din natin ang kapakanan ng mga kababaihan na naiipit at wala ng magawa sa pang-aabusong pisikal, emotional at pinansyal ng kanilang mga asawa. maraming battered wife na nagtitiis na lang, habang ang mga lalaki ay nagpapakasaya sa pambababae.

  4. Tristessa says:

    Kung nagmamahalan naman talaga kayo, i dont think dapat kayong mabahala.. all you have to do is to renew your marriage… :) pero kung nde ka sure sa feeling ng partner mo — manginig ka na

  5. wei says:

    anu ba yun.. ayos ah.. bt pa magpapakasal ang mga tao na kung maghihiwalay din sa huli?? diba pang FOREVER dapat yun? grabe. nawawala na ata talaga ang konsepto ng kasal. ;c so sad. nakakabanas. grr.

  6. Quirino M. Sugon Jr says:


    If this new marriage law would be passed, the marriage vows would be revised:

    “To have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till our marriage ends after 10 years.”

    Why wait for 10 years? Why not 1 year? 1 day? 1 night? O why marry at all?

    The world is going crazy. The Dark Ages are at hand.

  7. sean says:

    isn’t breaking the hold of religion and ancient customs a step away from the dark ages not towards them?

  8. henry loyola says:

    marriage is base upon “GOD” standard, you dont get marriage base on what you
    feel, its a cmmitment,or a covenant with your partnership with “GOD”. you have to
    be responsible to love one another,and prepared your self to any challenges comes
    to your life, either good,or bad.the love of “GOD” should dwell upon your relationship
    to one another. depart from”HIM” your marriage doesnt exist,even your not divorce.
    many are just trying to survive, just for the sake of their kids,or pride,and ego.but deep inside they are full of resentment,and loneliness.good wife,and husband comes from “GOD”,if one of you dont have moral value,or moral character,then its not come from “GOD”.its not pleasing to “GOD”the wife cannot do anything to seperate her self for the abusive husband treat her like a dirt.if our population dont have “GODLY” moral
    principle,or moral responsibility many of us will be corrupt,and many will suffer.

  9. myles says:

    i agree wd this proposal na mgkaroon ng expiration ang marriage…i/m not yet married but i know kailangan ang proposal na ito to end up the suffrng of other women sa knilang mga abusadong asawa..i know na marriage is sacred but we also have to face the fact ..if ung marriage ay ngfailed the 2 parties will suffer…mgkakaroon ng magulong pamilya…ito ba gusto ninyo?

  10. tony says:

    sana mapapawalan ng bisa ang kasal after,10 years of separation the life of every women has the right to begin,and nt to ruin

    sana aprobahan naman ng simbahan ang panukalang iyon ng mga kababaihan,dahil buhay ang nakasalalay doon.

    kawawa naman iyng iba na matagal ng nagtitiis sana ay maunawaan iyon ng simbahan, dahil kawawa naman ang ilan na napapariwara ang buhay dahil sa mga kalalakihang hindi marunng magmahal, at mananakit lang.

  11. reymond angana says:

    hindi cguro maganda ang panukalang iyan.marriage is serious and sacred thing and this is a commitment that couples should co through for lifetime.

  12. kristie mae balbuena lampad says:

    Hello..for me?well we don’t expiration for marriage…para ano?

  13. damsel'n distress says:

    i am a victim of verbal, physical and sexual abuse……….. ang hirap po, just hearing the thought of it put me to tears,i am abused, it’s definitely clear but no philippine law put this
    an exception in legally ending the marriage without any big investment of effort, time, money,and emotions.

    “unity and indissolubility of marriage are values rooted in the bible and Christian tradition.”…….true but in cases of abuse would the christian faith allows to still pursue unity and indiso-
    “he indentified the most serious concerns is the emotional trauma on the children whose parents separate”……. sana po nasa tamang position kayo para sabihin ito, if you are not a product of
    a chaotic home then you are not in the authority to speak in behalf of those, ano nga ba ang basihan ng emotional trauma sa mga bata, if a child sees their parents fighting everyday, sees his father abusing his mom, is this lesser evil than not seeing their parents together at all?
    “philippine society will become chaotic, more street children and more social problems.”……. what’s the difference with the society that we have today?
    “ang tinitinginan ng mga nagsusulong ng panukalang iyan ay convenience ng mag-asawa,” ano bang convenience ang naidudulot sa mga bata ng tahanan ng isang magulong pagsasama, the act does not only benefit the parents but the children at the same time, this will just go back to the point of determining how trauma is seen, let me reiterate this:if a child sees their parents fighting everyday, sees his father abusing his mom, is this a lesser evil than not seeing their parents together at all?

    it’s sad that the church who vows to live in poverty, in contrary live in a life that is full of luxury! and it’s sadder that they are in domination as to how the lives of the people be lived by! ano ba ang klase ng buhay na meron sila for them to see things in an depth account, they dress up in expensive robes, live in a palace or a mansion, eat like in a feast, live by themselves without the obligation of being fathers to children …………….they’re not to the best of their maturity to decide or even look into the best interest of the people,their judgement is staying traditional while the crisis of the people is demanding conventional changes! mag pka tao naman po kayo alang alang sa Diyos!

  14. Quirino M. Sugon Jr says:

    Damsel ‘n Distress,

    I am sorry to hear about your plight. And I shall pray for your healing. Because divorce of a properly married couple is not allowed in the Catholic Church (annulment simply means there was no marriage in the first place), the only option is legal separation: you and your children live in a separate house; your husband would be forbidden by law to live with you. The Philippine government may change its rules on marriage, but the Catholic Church cannot. The problem is, many Filipinos are also Catholics.

  15. Richard says:

    what is the purpose of the expiration of marriage? why would they propose such things? it is better to be together than separated, what about your children won’t they feel sad? and it is better to live with your husband/wife till the end, rich or poor, sad or happy, and etc. because even if you put an expiration date for your marriage in GOD’S eye you are one. marriage means unity man+woman= 1

  16. jenny says:

    alam nyo dpat ma aprove na ung mabilis na proseso ng annulment and yes sana meron na expiration ang kasal … bkit? kc tingnan nyo? dhil dito lalo lang nag KAKASALA ANG TAO ..nakikiapid.. nanlalaki,,kc nde na nila mahal ang knilang mga asawa,,kung maaprove yang expiration na yan..nde na madadagdagan ang KASALANAN ng tao dba?.,…. nag kakaroon tuloy ng mga tagong relasyon at panakaw n oras ang ibang tao.. kung pinapyagan ba nmn ng church yan e di hindi na mag kakasala ang mga tao..dahil dito,lalo lng nating tinuturuan na malugmok sa kasalanan ang mga my asawang nde makahiwalay..

  17. anne says:

    merun dn po bang expiration pag sa civil wedding?how long un effectivity nito bago ito maexpired?

  18. john3:30 says:

    couples get married for a reason.

    what is your primary reason for getting married?

    marriage is not a simple formal ceremony nor a mere legal act to join two different people.
    couples who intend to marry need to know the life they are entering long before the actual wedding day. it seems that the trouble is people are more interested in the wedding than in the actual marriage.

    entering marriage is a profession of commitment – a promise to be together in sickness or in health. why does it seem that a lot of people are afraid of “till death do us part”? but this is precisely the essence of commitment – a decision made that does not waiver in the face of difficulties.

    it is not marriage that is the failure…the people in the relationship should work together to strengthen their commitment to each other. there is no perfect relationship and there would be times of sorrows, anger, resentments, and at times violence… but there would also be moments of joy, forgiveness, understanding, and second chances…only the couple can provide the answer on what kind of marriage relationship they want to have.

    marriage is sacred, and at the same time realistic. marriage is not a fairy-tale bliss – there are mixtures of joys and sorrows, of failures and triumphs…

  19. john3:30 says:

    i don’t have to take drugs, much more to be a drug addict, to tell the harmful effects of drugs…i don’t have to be an alcoholic to say the ill-effects of too much liquor intake…all i know is that there are little but daily decisions i have to make every single day that may determine if my life would be in ruin or not. if i choose to taste a little drug, probably rationalizing that a small dose would not matter, nor be that harmful, i may find myself indulging in more. a little drink of alcohol would not intoxicate, but finding occasions to have one may lead to more opportunities to have more.

    it is the same with marriage. a violent home is not a product of a one time occasion – it is an output of someone not telling the other that he or she has gone beyond his/her limits. research has shown that an abusive relationship oftentimes does not happen abruptly, but evolves because the “abuser” thinks that it is alright to abuse someone because the “victim” probably allowed little but frequent occasions of abuse.

    we are not blaming the “victim” nor anyone. what we are trying to say is that both the husband and wife has the power to choose and live the better life they promised during their marriage. though there are statistics which show that there could be really abusive partners from the start, but these are more of the exceptions.

    if the husband would say, “a little text message to that girl would not matter. i don’t have to tell my wife…” sooner or later, that “little text message” would lead to more text messages, then some short calls, then to some casual talk, then some occasional lunch or dinner out, then more intimate moments…after which the husband would find himself in a difficult position that he would probably say, “i have to choose between her or my wife.” the lesson – cut any unhealthy small acts before they become a habit

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