An encounter with a New Age believer: the New Testament is the work of Jesuits to put the world in slavery

In my post entitled, Iglesia ni Cristo Logo: Christian or Masonic Symbol?, one commenter asked me to prove that Jesus, the Son of God, is God the Son.  During our conversation, I learned that he is not a member of Iglesia ni Cristo but a believer in New Age.  As a revert from the New Age to Catholicism, I can sympathize with him.  The attraction of esoteric knowledge is too strong for those with intellectual leanings.  Even St. Augustine succumbed to Manichaenism.  I am familiar with New Age writings, like energy and electromagnetic waves in the form of light, electricity, plant, animal, and planets.  I told him that I am a theoretical physicist: I know that he is not a scientist.  But there are some things he said that are really new to me: the Jesuits fabricated the New Testament.  I wonder where he got this idea.  This, of course, can easily be disproved by evidence of history: the Bible already existed long before St. Ignatius founded the Jesuits.

I prayed for him during a mass last Sunday evening.  I also prayed for him when I stayed for an hour in front of the Blessed Sacrament after the mass.  My Baronius missal really helps me to pray.  Who knows this guy might convert someday and become one of the defenders of the Catholic Faith.  Apologetics must really be united with prayer.  It is easy to fall into pride.  Without prayer, apologetics is like planting a rose in a desert.  In prayer, we ask God for rain, for graces.  We can never predict the movements of God’s grace.  Let us pray without ceasing.

Below is what he wrote concerning his beliefs.  Let us pray for him.

On the issue of who Jesus Christ really is, it’s easy to verify that the story of Joseph of Egypt (old testament) is exactly analogous to that of Jesus:

– Joseph had 12 brothers; Jesus had 12 disciples

– Joseph was sold to the Egyptians by Judah; Jesus was sold to the High Priest by Judas

It’s not surprising that Jesus’ birth falls on a Pagan holiday because Christianity is a Pagan Religion. The Cross is actually two sun rays crisscrossing each supported with a halo circle.

Jesus is just a personification of the zodiac sign Pisces. That’s why he is considered the “fisher of men”. The three kings are actually the three stars on the Orion Belt. Science started on Astrology. The problem we have today is caused by the tendency of some to stay that way.

The Old Testament is a hybrid of history and legends or myths. The New Testament is the work of Jesuits to put the world in slavery as it is now.

Marcos was deceived by these con men to send 600,000+ tons of OUR gold bars, not Yamashita’s, to Switzerland (Vatican Treasury) in exchange of Gold Certificates, which are mere papers that have numbers and fancy decorations on it, which the Jesuit by all indications will not honor it.

Now, they are positioning another Jesuit Puppet to become the next president. The Jesuit Council of Trent based in Makati are in full force.

So if you want real change, get rid of the religion that’s not ours to begin with. Let’s all get back to our senses (that state prior to 1521).

If you study and dig deeper into Science, you will find:

Life = Energy

Energy (in the form of Electromagnetic Waves) “broadcast” itself at different frequencies (vibrations per second).

Each frequency may manifests as Light, Heat, Electricity, Magnetism, etc. Other frequencies may manifest as Matter planets, men, plants, etc), Thoughts or Intelligence.

In this case the bible is right when it said that in the beginning there’s nothing but the Thought. But in the final analysis, there’s really no beginning and therefore no end. Everything will just transform from one type of manifestation into another.

We don’t really die. We only have One Body. We all share in the divinity of Nature, the one true God that we all fail to understand.

Bible shun idolatry. And yet the Vatican promotes it.

I understand this:

1. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. So is God.

2. Energy can only be transformed. So is Nature.

3. It’s easy to understand that Life is Energy.


Life = Energy = Nature = God

Life = God or

do we prefer, “God is Life”?


But those with ulterior motives tried to complicate things, so that we won’t see the forest, just the trees.

Again, it’s not a coincidence when:

– Joseph of Egypt have 12 brothers, and Jesus have 12 disciples;

– Joseph was sold to the Egyptians by Judah, and Jesus was sold to the High Priest by Judas

Jesus is just a personification of the Zodiac sign Pisces – “The Fisher of Men”. Christianity is a Pagan Religion.

Virgin birth, resurrection, are common features in almost all past religions.

The New Testament is just a fabrication. Look at the big picture:

Q1: what could happen if you tell the people that even though they’re poor, they need not worry for they shall inherit the Kingdom of Heaven?

A1: Submission.

Q2: what could happen if you encourage them to repeat the same lies over and over again thru the “Holy” Rosary?

A1: Mind Control. Hypnotism is done thru repetitions.

That’s the purpose of Religion. Preserve the Body, but Take Away the Mind.

Sometimes, we are compelled to ask if there’s a need for religion.

About Quirino M. Sugon Jr
Theoretical Physicist in Manila Observatory

5 Responses to An encounter with a New Age believer: the New Testament is the work of Jesuits to put the world in slavery

  1. chiness says:

    Really, this is distressing. His religion has indeed preserved his body and taken away his mind. And he reduces us human beings as manifestation of electromagnetic waves. Goodness gracious! I don’t believe I emit such physical energy. I’m lost in his forest. There’s something wrong with his logic. He thinks all images are idols. If all images are idols, why did God command Moses to erect the brazen serpent so that the Israelites may be healed. The serpent was eventually destroyed because an abuse overtook the original sense of the image. He really wants us to revert to our babaylanic past. Distressing! Let’s just see if his faith bears him much fruit–or any fruit whatsoever.

  2. blackshama says:

    That’s old hat, Quirino. The Jesuits have been the subjects of conspiracy theories since the time of Ignatius. New Age as new? Ho hum. We should call it Old Age! At least the Gnostics are more honest.

    As for some Jesuits, their love for the occasional smoke isn’t enough to end the world as we know it!

    Science as a way of thinking should lead anyone from New Age nonsense. So I’m sure this theoretical physicist isn’t one of us.

  3. chiness says:

    Somehow, his brand of theoretical physicist sounds like conspiracy theorist.

  4. Undertandwhatyouread says:

    to chisness

    I beg your pardon. God commanded, Moses, to erect the brazen serpent NOT TO BE WORSHIPED BY THE ISRALITES but is use in order for them to be healed. You only worship your God not the images or idols made by the hands of men or you’ll end up like those idol worshipers who was eaten alive by the earth when Moses throw the tablets on them because he saw that after all the wonderful thing’s that God has done for them, they went back to create an idol with an image of a beast & they worshipped it. This is what we all see with catholic nowadays, they worship & parade their idols on festivities thanking them for a bountiful blessings but when famine comes they end up blaming God (not all of them of course) I still believe that none of you people here in this blog would do such a thing. This is my opinion.

  5. laycarmelite says:

    to understandwhatyouread,

    The issue with respect to the 2nd commandment is what does the word translated “graven images” mean? If it simply means carved images, then the images in the temple would be in violation of this Commandment. Our best guide, however, to what Hebrew words mean, is what they meant to Hebrews—and when the Hebrews translated the Bible into Greek, they translated this word simply as “eidoloi”, i.e. “idols.” Furthermore the Hebrew word pesel is never used in reference to any of the images in the temple. So clearly the reference here is to pagan images rather than images in general.

    Let’s look at the Scriptural passage in question more closely:

    “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image (i.e. idol), or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor shalt thou serve (worship) them…” (Exodus 20:4-5a).

    Now, if we take this as a reference to images of any kind, then clearly the cherubim in the Temple violate this command. If we limit this as applying only to idols, no contradiction exists. Furthermore, if this applies to all images—then even the picture on a driver’s license violates it, and is an idol. So either every Protestant with a driver’s license is an idolater, or Icons are not idols.

    Leaving aside, for the moment, the meaning of “graven images” lets simply look at what this text actually says about them. You shall not make x, you shall not bow to x, you shall not worship x. If x = image, then the Temple itself violates this Commandment. If x = idol and not all images, then this verse contradicts neither the Icons in the Temple, nor Catholic Images or Icons.

    If you look at the passage in question (2nd Kings 18:4), you will see that the Bronze Serpent was not destroyed simply because people honored it, but because they had made it into a serpent God, called “Nehushtan.”

    There is a big difference between an Icon and an idol. The idol is seen as a god in itself or as pointing to a god other than the God of Israel. The Icon only points to another person that cannot be present with us. They really serve the same function as our photographs do, to remind us of loved ones, though we must define “remembrance” as a making present of a heavenly reality. “Windows into Heaven” as they are called. The physical pictures of the Saints and Christ remind us that they are alive, that they are a “cloud of witnesses” surrounding us, and that we are joining them in worship around the throne. The reality of the Saints is pointed to by the Icons of them in our midst.

    So, for the veneration of images to violate the second commandment, it would have to: 1. Be an image of some type, 2. We would have to bow to it, 3. We would bow to it in order to serve it, 4. And to serve it as a god, to supersede God. Thus, it would turn into worship and break the second commandment. Veneration of the Saints through their images only applies to 2 of the 4 qualifications, thus it is not worship of the Saint or the Icon, nor does it break the second commandment. It seems the real concern of those who hesitate at this point is that they are afraid that if they bow to an Icon and kiss it, that they might find themselves someday falling into worship rather than just veneration and honor. Like one day they would wake up and realize that all this time they had been worshiping Mary instead of just giving her honor. The truth of the matter is that you simply cannot accidentally worship an Icon. Worship is intentionally giving veneration to a god. As long as that god is the God, then you have nothing to worry about. No one can accidentally worship a Saint. Worship is a purposeful activity and you do it on purpose and with intent. So your opinion is unfounded and wrong.

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