Fr. Victor Badillo, S.J. on Presidential Candidates Noynoy Aquino and Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro

Last Monday, five of us from the Manila Observatory visited Fr. Badillo, S.J. in the Jesuit Residence Infirmary.  With me are Nino , Genie, Glen, and Dr. Faye Cruz.  We were not able to visit him last week because of the endless Christmas parties.  We talked for more than 30 minutes.  At 79, his body was weakened by several operations.  Though he cannot anymore return to work, his natural humorous self has come back.

At one point of our conversation, one of us asked Fr. Badillo who is his presidential candidate.

“Gilbert Teodoro, of course,” he replied.  “Is there any body else?”

“Whom are you voting for?” Fr. Badillo asked Genie.

“Noynoy Aquino,” Genie said.

“But Noynoy is not very intelligent.  In fact, he has done nothing.”  Fr. Badillo said.  “Gibo is very intelligent.”

“They said he was trained in Harvard,” Genie said.  “Gibo came to the Manila Observatory months ago, Father.”

“Was he still the NDCC (National Disaster Coordinating Council) Chairman then?” Fr. Badillo asked.

“Yes, Father,” replied Genie.

“I know his father,” Fr. Badillo said.  “He was the head of the SSS before during the time of President Marcos.  Imagine all those money.  But Teodoro never stole money from SSS.  He is an honest man.  And I remember Gibo say: ‘I will not tarnish the name of my father’.”

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9 Responses to Fr. Victor Badillo, S.J. on Presidential Candidates Noynoy Aquino and Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro

  1. Marcos was intelligent.
    Marcos did a lot of things before he became president.
    I am not saying that Gibo will be a Marcos.


    Is intelligence and accomplishments the yardstick of whom we should choose for president next year?

    Is the Philippines not being run by politicians who are intelligent and who have accomplished a lot?

    I think what we lack is people who have character and who fear the Lord.

    By the way, if you can tell Fr. Badillo this Quirino.

    The ammunition and military vehicles purchased by the Ampatuans of Maguindanao have the labels of the Department of National Defense. Gibo was the secretary then when they got all of these.

    Now that’s intelligence and accomplishment.

    I think I have this formula in mind. Gibo Teodoro and Gloria Arroyo = John McCain and George W. Bush.

    Highly likely.

  2. Quirino M. Sugon Jr says:

    Pinoy Catholic,

    Politics divides us. I admire Teodoro and Bush. I think my experience as an officer in CAT in high school and ROTC in college makes me admire politicians with military minds. I admire Pres. Bush in particular because he is the closest thing to a Catholic president the U.S. ever had–his closeness with Pope Benedict XVI, his defense of the unborn, and his defense of Western Civilization. Barack Obama is the entire opposite.

    I am weighing between Gibo and Noynoy. Gibo has the integrity of his father; Noynoy has the integrity of his mother and father. Noynoy wins here, genetically speaking, at least, if that were indeed possible. But if we talk about the Reproductive Health Bill, Noynoy fully supports it as it is; Gibo has changed his mind and does not anymore support the bill as it is. If a politician is ok with the RH Bill as it is, I will not anymore vote for him. I tend to be a single issue voter in pro-life matters.

  3. I agree with you on that point, Quirino. The RH Bill will be Noynoy’s Waterloo if he continues to support it. Honestly, that is the one issue that weighs heavily against Noynoy if you ask me. If Gibo was not part of GMA’s cabinet, I would vote for him in a heartbeat.

  4. mark says:

    why people always associate the guns of ampatuan to gibo…the DND secretary does not hold the guns and distribute it…its the military…it can be traced who did give the guns and bullets to the ampatuan…

  5. bertalways says:

    Pinoy Catholic,

    I wonder if there is logic in the formula you have made. And I equally wonder why some people wants to polarize candidates and ascribe “values” on them like branding some cheap commercial products. Is it because of lack of motivation to research and know the candidates better?

    If GIBO was not part of GMA’s candidate you said you would vote for him. So since GIBO was a part of GMA’s cabinet you will not vote for him. The commonality is GMA and not GIBO. Where is your standpoint? For GIBO or against GMA? Or against BOTH?

  6. Enbrethiliel says:


    Against my own good judgment, I find myself drawn to Teodoro. (I already think Aquino is a puppet who can’t even think for himself.) Yet I do have a principle of never voting in a national election, so I’m not registered to support any candidate in that way.

  7. Quirino M. Sugon Jr says:


    I feel and think the same way. I shall make an open letter to Teodoro this week stating that he won’t be able to defeat Noynoy unless he becomes a true Catholic alternative to Noynoy, i.e. he must campaign against contraceptive mentality and rally the bishops behind him. Noynoy’s adherence to the RH Bill is continuous scandal in the Catholic Church. That is Noynoy’s Achilles’s heel.

    My hands are tied at the moment. Until Gibo changes his contraceptive mentality, I cannot campaign for him.

  8. Debutante says:

    Noynoy should not win, that is my opinion. For he alone does not have his own identity compare to his presidential opponents. I cant even recall him as a good senator. If his parents and sister isnt popular, I feel that people will not even bother to think of voting for him. This will be my first time to vote and im still candidate.

  9. nissan says:

    Will you please explain what you mean by Gibo Teodoro + gloria = McCain + Bush. What is wrong with McCain and Bush. Is it because both of them work hard before they entered politics and did not accept handouts from American taxpayers? or their skin is lighter than yours.

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