MRT Purple Line littered with large pictures of Angelica Panganiban in bra

The MRT Purple is getting terrible.  Not the trains; they are excellent.  Rather, the stations are becoming stiffling for the soul.  They promote promiscuity.  In the Araneta Center Cubao station where I go in the morning, there is a stand for the TRUST condoms.     When I got off the Katipunan station, all the hallway pillars are covered with larger-than-life upper body pictures of Angelica Panganiban in bra.  She is holding a green apple which the advertisers want to subliminally instill the temptation of Eve: the fruit of knowledge of good and evil.  This Bar commercial should be barred.  It is time to pass the Anti-Obscenity and Pornography Act of 2008.

I admire Angelica Panganiban as an actress.  I saw her before playing Becky in Princess Sarah.   But as the years went I saw movie posters of her playing “adult” roles as an another woman, for example.  Princess Sarah, Camille Pratts, I heard also tried to recast herself as a sexy star.  Too sad.  Two wholesome faces turned sexy starlets.  O how have you fallen from the heavens o morning stars, daughters of the dawn!  I wish they will play more wholesome roles.  Banana Split is not wholesome; it has many sexual undertones.  NNNN (Ntertainment News Na Naman) is better: Angelica spoofs Kris Aquino so well that I am now beginning to think that Kris is spoofing Angelica so well.  Oh, well.

Let us pray for our movie stars that they may truly be stars who lead edifying lives.  Is there a patron saint for movie stars?  Pope John Paul II was once a stage actor in Poland.  If he becomes a saint, then we can call him the patron saint of actors and actresses.


About Quirino M. Sugon Jr
Theoretical Physicist in Manila Observatory

6 Responses to MRT Purple Line littered with large pictures of Angelica Panganiban in bra

  1. Well, Philippines is being run by politics and showbiz. I was expecting faces of politicians being advertised together with that of Panganiban.

    If Panganiban is a Catholic, she should have the decency to tear her bra ad off the MRT Station. Or maybe she should stop calling herself a Christian! What a shame!

  2. blue_phoenix_1 says:

    To SQM Jr.,

    Greetings of peace! I will go straight to the point so as not to waste precious time I would just like to say that I appreciate your morality but I would like to advise you to delimit your concept of idealism and reality. I think the pictures of Angelica Panganiban is not obscene because it is just a proof that she is a very attractive woman and a very effective media endorser. It is not her fault to be gorgeous especially when she is in a bra. Being a hypocrite does not promote honesty.
    But what I really mean is you are not seeing the big picture because there are lots of other things that we should correct and improve on and not to put toil to a simple LRT picture which only shows beauty. You must put in mind that because of this billboard many people which are concerned for this doing now have a nice job and pay which lessens the poverty in this country. We Filipinos have been blinded for so long by many false religions which does not improve us as persons but only with held us from the truth and from progress. What Angelica does is just her work and it is not her fault that many people have dirty minds and intentions. I hope this enlightens your mind and I hope that you find something better to do.

  3. Quirino M. Sugon Jr says:


    I hope Angelica has something better to do. It is possible to endorse products while remaining decently clad. This Bar commercial has given jobs to many Filipinos, thereby alleviating the poverty in our country. But there is also such thing as moral poverty. That we must also alleviate. What profit is there for a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul? What profit is there for a nation if it it possess material wealth but loses its spiritual wealth? True progress is the progress in being truly human. To be truly human is to be like God with the help of God: to become a saint–to be perfect as Our Heavenly Father is perfect. To be truly human is not to live like beasts who do not know what is right and wrong, who are enslaved by their passions. It is not Angelica’s fault that many people have dirty minds and intentions. What is wrong is to know that people have dirty minds and intentions and to try to capitalize on that to promote a product. The apple, the temptation, the Bar. Demons tempt us to sin. To be truly human is to resist these temptations and avoid occasions of sin. Christ said to His disciples:

    “It is inevitable that temptations to sin will come, but how terrible it will be for the person through whom they come!” (Lk 17:1).

  4. Carmelito Guan says:

    Angelika Panganiban, just like anybody, is entitled to earn a living. She was paid, because of her talent and beauty, to endorse the product. She meant no harm. If she didn’t, someone will do it.

  5. Quirino M. Sugon Jr says:


    Angelika may have meant no harm, but objectively, her pictures such as these have become occasions of sins for many. Not because someone else will do it if she does not do it does not justify that she must do it.

    “It is inevitable that temptations to sin will come, but how terrible it will be for the person through whom they come!” (Lk 17:1).

  6. Carmelito Guan says:

    Angelika’s pictures became ” occassion of sins” only for old fashioned hypocrites, who are ignorant, and don’t appreciate art, and had stagnated.
    I’m sure Angelika’s pictures boost the sale of the bra that she modeled and endorsed.

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