Fourth Pro-Life World Congress: Declaration of Zaragoza on Contraception, Abortion, and Euthanasia

Declaration of Saragossa

Sunday, 08 November 2009
Declaration of Saragossa

Source: ProLife World Congress

We, the representatives of national and international organizations from different parts of the world, advocates of life, the family and the dignity of the human person assembled in Saragossa, Spain, between 6th and 8th November, 2009, in the IV Prolife World Congress, in continuity with those held in Madrid (2003), Lima (2005) and Mexico (2007), address:

All governments, legislators, judges, doctors and medical personnel; political and religious leaders; intellectuals, educators and social communicators; societal organizations; parents and families; and all persons of good will, as custodians of the promotion of the Human rights.


1. It has been verified by science that human life begins with the fertilization of the oocyte. In this first human cell (zygote), we find not only the whole genetic program for the development of the new human being, but also the ability to develop and progress by itself, as it is shown experimentally in extracorporeal fertilization.

2. It is said that the worst thing that can happen to a mother is the death of her child. It is worse still to accept the voluntarily killing of her baby. Even if some may deny this at the moment the abortion is performed, to decide the death one’s own baby provokes a feeling of guilt that it is impossible to erase.

3. Six million “legal” deaths in the Nazi concentration camps, constitute the international crime of genocide. It has been seen as the most flagrant violation of human rights recorded in history.

4. Nevertheless, the more than eight hundred million deaths, provoked, up to the moment, by “legal” abortions, in the countries of the world that have authorized it, constitute a crime against humanity that, because of its size and extension, we propose should be called from now on mega-genocide.

5. In addition to being “legalized” in many States, mega-genocide is encouraged – sometimes in a direct way and sometimes using euphemisms-, by the United Nations Organization (UN) and its agencies; the multilateral organisms of credit; certain international organisms, such as the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), IPAS, the Rockefeller, Ford, Bill and Melinda Gates, Soros and other Foundations, the current president of the United States of America and the bureaucracy of the European Union; among other global power groups.

6. In addition, diverse contraceptive devices capable of killing human beings in the first days of life – for example, preventing nesting in the womb-, like intrauterine devices, the morning-after pill, contraceptive pills of systemic use, injectable or subdermal implants, all operate “invisibly” and increase the number of victims of mega-genocide. Also, in the last few years, abortion is promoted by the use of the drug misoprostol, especially in countries where abortion is illegal. All this occurs with the connivance of the health authorities. Finally, diverse practices of artificial fertilization, in which, according to the most trustworthy statistics, only 4 % of embryos reach birth, provoke a number number of victims which it is impossible to calculate.

7. A society that tolerates with indifference the mega-genocide of abortion – be it surgical or chemical – has lost the most elementary vestiges of humanity, and sooner or later it will be inclined to violate other human rights of its citizens.


1. To always promote rational solutions for human needs which are respectful of life, such as:

• To foster qualified access and attention during pregnancy, childbirth, and the post-natal period.
• To articulate civil institutions that care for pregnant women in situations of conflict, to help them to overcome their difficulties and problems and, in this way, to protect maternity.
• To promote and finance programs that encourage chastity before and fidelity in marriage.
• To execute programs to strengthen the family based on heterosexual marriage, and to educate young people in virtue and in the authentic meaning of femininity and masculinity.
• Pregnancy is not an illness; therefore birth-control should never be understood as part of a health policy.

2. To enforce respect for life, from conception / fertilization to natural death. To recognize the legal personality of any human being, from the initial moment of his existence; and always to act in consequence.

3. To penalize abortion, euthanasia, eugenic practices and the manipulation of human life.

4. Even assuming that abortion is not punishable in some countries and for as long as this legislation is not reformed, abortion can never be considered to be a “ right “, nor can it be included in public health systems. No doctor or medical personnel can be forced, under any circumstances, to take part in an abortion . In any case, the practice of abortion – although it may not be punishable – will always imply a violation of the most elementary premises of professional ethics.

5. To remove legal recognition of any entity which – direct or indirectly-, promotes mega-genocide.


1. To promote all the organizations of civil society, whose purpose is:

▪ To increase awareness of and attention to the post-abortion syndrome.
▪ To create centres to help pregnant women.
▪ To promote family orientation centres.
▪ To extend education in natural methods human fertility management.
▪ To promote a humanist approach to sexuality, based on an education in virtues and love.
▪ To promote adoption as a viable option for mothers in situations of unexpected pregnancies and for newborn children without parents

2. To establish a permanent observatory on the right to life. To publicly denounce those who violate this fundamental right, especially if they are public or political figures during in electoral campaign.

3. To articulate activities with the “ World Action of Parliamentarians for Life and the Family ”, constituted in Santiago of Chile, which took up the Declaration of Lima of our II Prolife World Congress.

4. To promote the revocation of capital punishment for abortion within the UN and regional organisms. To promote an International Convention to ensure the protection of the life of every human being, from the moment of conception to that of natural death.

5. To create and promote political parties that foster human life from conception to natural death.

6. To revoke those civil servants those civil servants, who directly or indirectly take part in the mega-genocide of abortion, eugenics or euthanasia; and to make them answerable in the courts for such acts.

7. To seek compensation for the women who have been victims of the mega-genocide of abortion, so that they obtain equitable damages from the State and other organizations and persons responsible for their suffering.

The participants in this Congress, who adhere to this Declaration, come from the following Nations:

Argentina, Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Denmark, Ecuador, El Salvador, France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, India, Iran, Ireland, Italy, México, Nicaragua, Norway, Peru, Poland, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, USA, and Venezuela.

Saragossa, November 8, 2.009.

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