Enemies of exorcists are not just demons: skeptics, modernists, liberals, positivists, and objective realists

According to AHFI spiritual director Fr. Edgardo Arellano, the practice of exorcism is as old as Christianity itself and even predates it, and the Church teaches that the Devil is real and evil spirits exist.

Arellano, however, laments the fact that the Catholic Church is largely mum about it these days.

He cites the influence of “modern theologians” and those with a liberal mind-set who have played down Satan’s influence as they have accepted psychological and psychiatric explanations of a person’s abnormal behavior.

“If you speak about the Devil, you lose your credibility and you scare people. Even some members of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) say this is just fanaticism, a hoax,” Arellano says.

“The greatest influence of the Devil is to convince even bishops and priests that he no longer exists,” he says.

Arellano says the stand of “Positivists,” who are fixated only on the love of God, as well as the claim of “Objective Realists,” who focus only on the modern era and consider evil and exorcism as irrelevant pose a great challenge.

“How can you talk only about God’s love in the midst of corruption and violence? The Bible has numerous passages about Christ expelling demons and being tempted by the Devil. The battle against the Devil is central to His mission. In fact, the Devil’s influence was already seen in Adam and Eve,” he says.

Source: Cyran Cabuenas, Leyte-Samar Priests Learn about Exorcism (PDI 11/06/2009)


About Quirino M. Sugon Jr
Theoretical Physicist in Manila Observatory

3 Responses to Enemies of exorcists are not just demons: skeptics, modernists, liberals, positivists, and objective realists

  1. ROY says:

    pls send me a ways on how we can fight against evil spirits?

  2. Quirino M. Sugon Jr says:

    Daily rosary. Daily mass. Regular confession.

  3. kaespiritumysterium says:

    indeed, brother :) by sincere prayers, penance, fasting, and also important: Eucharistic Adoration often as possible in reparation for our outrages, sacrileges, blasphemies, indifferences, and all offenses against the Holy Trinity and by our daily consecration to the Most Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart! this and put on the armour of God by daily meditating on His Word.

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