Fr. Timoteo Ofrasio, S.J. to celebrate a Traditional Latin Mass at the convent of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate in Novaliches

(Update 06 Nov 2009: This mass was postponed because Fr. Tim is sick.)


This afternoon I went to the Loyola House of Studies to visit Fr. Timoteo Ofrasio, S.J.  It is a few minutes walk from the Manila Observatory.  You know it is the Loyola House of Studies when you see a dead end. I climbed a few steps and went to the porter.

“Is Fr. Tim Ofrasio around?” I asked.

“Do you have an appointment?”  asked the porter.

“No,” said I.  “But Fr. Tim told me that I can visit him any day 3 p.m. down.”

“What is your name?”

“Quirino Sugon”

She called Fr. Tim and she asked me to sit down.  I sat on one of the lounge sofas.  The lobby is spacious.  In the wall facing me is a large bronze plaque with names of Loyola House of Studies donors.  On my left is an underground corridor and a little pool with a statue of St. Ignatius in his pilgrim clothes and staff.  Maybe he is looking for fishes, but like Peter he found none.  On my right is the porter and outside near the entrance is the store of the Jesuit Music Ministry.  The store sells cds, books, and music sheets.


I was still scribbling on the points I would like to say when I saw Fr. Tim walking towards me.  He wore a brown barong.  I stood to meet him.  We shook hands.

“The (Franciscan) sisters asked me to say a mass in their convent this First Friday?” he said.  “They will fetch me.”

“Do you know what kind of vestment they use?  Is it curve-shaped like mine or straight?” he asked.

“I think it is straight, Father.” I replied.  “They make their own vestments.”

I saw a golden chasuble in the convent last October when Sr. Magdalene toured me around.  Exquisite needlework.  Sr. Magdalene said that a set of vestments must be ordered together with other altar cloths.  And there are different vestment colors for each season.  I think she told me its about PhP 5,000 per set, but I may be mistaken.

“Do you know if the gospel is sung or not?” he asked.  “In Missa Cantata, it is the deacon who sings the gospel.”

“I think that the Gospel is in English, Father.”  I am not anymore sure about this.  I was busy looking at the missal and the chants the whole time that I hardly see the altar anymore.

“That is well.  I do not anymore have to practice how to sing the Gospel in Latin.”

“The sisters will fetch me at about 5:30 p.m.  Can you come?” he asked.

“If it is okay with you, Father.”  I replied.

“You may call the sisters.  But they may ask you to accompany me instead to Novaliches.”

This is what was originally planned last week.

“I also do not have a car, Father.” I said.  “We shall commute in that case.”

“It is better that they come here,” he said.  “I still have to bring my own liturgical vestments.”


“Have you formed a group for the Latin mass?” he asked.

“So far, I have seven.” I said.  “Can I use your name for announcement in Blue Board and in Campus Ministry, Father?”

“What is Blue Board?”

“Blue Board is the email subscription of the faculty and staff of Ateneo de Manila University.”

“Okay, you may use my name.”

“Do you know the email address of Fr. Jojo Zerrudo?  Some people are asking me.”

“No, Father.  But Fr. Jojo has a facebook account.”  Fr. Jojo has added me as one of his friends in Facebook.  I think I can find his email address there.


“How is the Manila Observatory’s chapel?” he asked.

I showed to him a little sketch.  The Tabernacle I  moved from the side to the center.  There are three long candles on each side.

“You have candelabras there?”

“No, Father.  We still have to buy.  The altar is movable.”

“Well, the chapel should not be for exclusive TLM use.  The design is okay.  Just stick to the basics.  When you are done with the final design, show it to me.”

“Okay, Father.”

And we parted.

About Quirino M. Sugon Jr
Theoretical Physicist in Manila Observatory

2 Responses to Fr. Timoteo Ofrasio, S.J. to celebrate a Traditional Latin Mass at the convent of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate in Novaliches

  1. Jay Balza says:

    It would be nice to know how Fr. Ofrasio began his interest with the TLM. I’m sure there’s a story about this. Maybe this might be a good writeup in the future!

  2. Quirino M. Sugon Jr says:

    Thanks, Jay. I shall ask Fr. Tim. He just called to inform me this morning that the mass will not push through because he is sick.

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