Archbishop Marcel Lefebre: “They have uncrowned Him: From Liberalism to Apostasy, the Conciliar Tragedy”

Today I received two books from the White Lily blog.  One of them is the following book:

Archbishop Marcel Lefebre, They have uncrowned Him: From Liberalism to Apostasy, The Conciliar Tragedy (Angelus, Kansas, 1988). Softbound.  267 pages.

I am not a member of the SSPX, nor one of its followers.  But we must know where they stand on many issues, such as on religious liberty, freedom of conscience, separation of Church and State, etc–issues that sprang in Second Vatican Council.  The Vatican cosideres these issues important, and that is why it will hold talks with SSPX these coming weeks or months.  We hope that these things gets cleared up once and for all with anathemas for those who hold otherwise, as done in the previous Councils prior to Vatican II.

Author’s Introduction

It is impossible to comprehend this profound crisis without taking into consideration the central event of this century: the Second Vatican Council.  My feelings with regard to that are well enough known, I believe, so that I can express from the outset the essence of my thoughts: without rejecting this Council wholesale, I think that it is the greatest disaster of this century and of all the past centuries, since the founding of the Church.  In this, I am doing nothing but judging it by its fruits, making use of the criterion that Our Lord gave us.  Now when Cardinal Ratzinger is asked to show some good fruits of the Council, he does not know what to answer.  and whereas one day I was asking Cardinal Garrone how a “good” council had been able to produce such bad fruits, he prelied to me, “It is not the Council, it is the means of social communication.”

Alas, it is there that we truly touch on the “mystery of iniquity.”  From the day after the Revolution, the devil raised up on the inside of the Church men filled with the spirit of pride and of novelty, posing as inspired reformers who, draming of reconciling the Church with Liberalism, attempted to bring about an adulterous union between the Church and the principles of the Revolution!  How indeed can Our Lord Jesus Christ be reconciled with an accumulation of errors that are opposed so diametrically to His Grace, to His Truth, to His divinity, to His universal kingship?  No, the Popes were not mistaken when, supported by tradition and assisted by the Holy Ghost, they condemned with their supreme authority and with a remarkable continuity the great liberal Catholic betrayal.  “In such a case, how did the liberal sect succeed in imposing its views in an ecumencial council?  How did the union, against nature, between the Church and the Revolution give birth to the monster, whose inchoherences now fill with fright even its most ardent supporteers?  It is to htese questions that I will do my best to respond in these chapters on Liberalism, by showing that once having pnentrated into the Churchk, the poison of Liberalism leads to apostasy as a natural consequence.


Preface to the American Edition



Part I. Liberalism

  1. The Origins of Liberalism
  2. The Natural Order and Liberalism
  3. Our Lord Jesus Christ and Liberalism
  4. Does the Law Oppress Liberty?
  5. Beneficial Constraints
  6. Necessary Inequalities
  7. Jesus Christ: King of the Republics?
  8. Liberalism, or Society without God
  9. Liberty of Conscience and of Forms of Worship
  10. Religioius Liberty Condemned by the Popes
  11. Freedom of the Press
  12. Liberty in Education
  13. Is there a Public Law of the Church
  14. How They Have Uncrowned Jesus Christ

Part II.  Liberal Catholicism

  1. The Great Betrayal
  2. The Liberal Catholic Mentality
  3. The Popes and Liberal Catholicism
  4. From Lamennais to Sangnier
  5. The Mirage of Pluralism
  6. The Direction of History

Part III.  The Liberal Conspiracy of Satan Against the Church and the Papacy

  1. The conspiracy of the Alta Vendita of the Carbonari
  2. The Popes Unmask the Conspiracy of the Sect
  3. The Subversion of the Church Brought about by a Council

Part IV.  A Revolution in tiara and Cope

  1. The Robber Council of Vatican II
  2. The Spirit of the Council
  3. Searching and Dialogue: Death of the Missionary Spirit
  4. Vatican II in the Light of Tradition
  5. The Religious Liberty of Vatican II
  6. A Pacifist Council
  7. Vatican II, Triumph of Catholic Liberalism
  8. Paul VI, Liberal Pope
  9. A Suicidal Liberalism: the Post-conciliar Reforms
  10. The Remedy for Liberalism: “To Restore All in Christ”
  11. To Rebuild the Catholic City





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One Response to Archbishop Marcel Lefebre: “They have uncrowned Him: From Liberalism to Apostasy, the Conciliar Tragedy”

  1. Edward John Evaldi,Jr says:

    I feel very warm an joyful that a change for the good of the Catholic Church is coming. I have always been a conservative believer. To this day i refuse to receive the Body of Christ in my hand. I see the Catholic Church of the present collapsing. I’m looking forward to an era of Holiness. Jesus is somehow not even in a Holy way. In prevatican days you could not here a pin drop. Today everybody talks and i so friendly that its like God is not present. This will change and i believe when the Pius X priests expand in greater numbers.this will happen. The church has to be rebuilt and renewed.

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