Dr. Rene Bullecer of Human Life International: Noynoy Aquino is Anti-Life

Charmaine P. Lirazan of Sunstar Super Balita Cebu, has an article entitled “Noynoy ‘Anti-life’” (Sep 7, 2009).  I have difficulty translating the Cebuano into English (if someone has a translation, please send it to me).  But what I can glean from the article is this:

Dr. Rene Bullecer, director of Human Life International, said that Noynoy Aquino is Anti-Life.  When he was a congressman, he supported the  House Bill 3773 or the Integrated Reproductive Health and Population Reduction Bill.  When he became a senator, he supported the HB 5043 or the Reproductive Health Bill.  Because of these, Bullecer said that Noynoy Aquino will not have the support of the Pro-Life groups.  Bullecer wishes to talk to other presidentiables to determine their stand on pro-life issues and make a short-list of presidentiables that Pro-Life groups can support, before the November 30 filing of candidacy.

This is surprising since Pres. Cory Aquino, his mother, is a pro-life president and a devotee of the Holy Rosary.  This is also surprising since the long-time spiritual adviser of the late former Pres. Aquino is Fr. Catalino Arevalo, S.J., professor emeritus of the Loyola School of Theology.

Fr. Arevalo S.J.  received an Award of Recognition at the 9th Plenary Assembly of the Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences (FABC) on August 16, 2009 at Pius XII Center, Manila.  He is also arecipient of  the Vatican’s Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice (For Church and Pope) award, the highest medal that can be bestowed by the papacy for distinguished service to the church by lay people and clergy. He is also acknowledged as the “Dean of all Filipino Theologians and Godfather of Hundreds of Priests,” a title conferred upon him by the Church hierarchy. (Ateneo de Manila University Website)

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4 Responses to Dr. Rene Bullecer of Human Life International: Noynoy Aquino is Anti-Life

  1. ebmanalang says:

    the ang kapatiran party is the ONLY national political party that is prolife ACROSS the board.
    JC de los Reyes is a prolife advocate and has battled the RH ordinance as early as August 2007 when he sat down in the Olongapo City council.
    the party has on record as founding principle #2 the promotion and defense of life and the consistent ethic of life is to be followed.

  2. Please forgive me for commenting, since I do not know enough to identify even foreign cities, as you well know. But this topic is close to some sad thoughts I have been having myself, or rather our whole country is having, and evidently yours, too, so similar in our situation, regarding the loss of Catholic identify in our universities and as in this post, in our men and women who should be Catholic to the core–yet aren’t. Yet aren’t.

    One group strongly identified with the movement to regain Catholic identify at Notre Dame has only followed the thread as far as the fact that the university has hired many protestant or simply indifferentists on the faculty, and that they might focus there, in their efforts to restore Catholicism. They seem quite oblivious to the fact that the graduation ceremony at which President Obama was lauded was filled with real Catholics–men and women who faithfully attend mass, are active in their parishes, and even write for Catholic publications, as in the case of Father O’Malley, who declared in America magazine that President Obama is the spirit of Vatican II. Notre Dame can hire that kind of Catholic till the twenty second century and clearly not regain what is missed as Catholic identity.

    So I am thinking that we must follow the thread farther. We might follow it all the way to the documents of Vatican II and listen once again to the new chant there, for religious liberty, at a time when there were still Catholic states, when Jordan was still Catholic. We could follow the thread of loss of identity to that capitulation, among others. And we could begin to pray with all our hearts to fix those documents, as SSPX is asking.

    I don’t know this blog well (except that it raises provocative questions!). I myself, an American, grew up with the rebel cry for ‘freedom’ taught before ‘mama’ and ‘papa’. It has been the dream of liberalism, of masons, for going on four hundred years now, and in 1962 the Catholic Church simply caved in.

    For all I know on this blog, it is as it is with me, to face the original Catholic teaching, that there should be no separation of Church and state, with dismay. But that is the teaching, and we abandoned it for ecumenism, for ‘freedom of conscience,’, and we are not yet ended with the suffering thus engaged. And I don’t know if this blog is one of those traditional sites that tsk tsk over all these capitulations, these astonishing departures from the Catholicism we have known, yet look with hatred at SSPX. It might be. There are many, many sites like that. I can’t tell from my shallow glances, especially not knowing well the context. The word masonic is known here. Is it recognized in the practices that give us the real Jesuits today, the real Loyola, the real crisis in the Church? Lefebvre’s book They Have Uncrowned Him points always to the text, and then all these anamolies become so clear.

    I hope you will forgive me if I have offended. I only want to speak the truth as best I can, when these issues are raised.

  3. Quirino M. Sugon Jr says:

    White Lily, we are of the same mind. I hope the Vatican and SSPX finally settles the doctrinal problems raised by the documents of Vatican II. Unlike other Councils, only Vatican II is pastoral: it does not pronounce anathemas or excommunications on heretical ideas. I do not hate the SSPX: I went to their chapel once and bought Michael Davies’s “The New Mass.” When the issues regarding Vatican II and the New Mass are clarified and the SSPX integrated into the hierarchy, the Liberals shall wail and gnash their teeth.

    One of the aims of this blog is to call for the restoration of the Catholic identity of Ateneo de Manila University, because a group of Ateneo professors made a statement of support to the Reproductive Health Bill in the name of “freedom of conscience” and in defiance to Humanae Vitae that describes contraception as intrinsically evil. But I feel like a voice crying out in the wilderness.

  4. When these issues are clarified! Indeed! There was a press release from an Austrian bishop today saying he had it from authoritative sources at the Vatican that the two things that are ‘non-negotiable’ with SSPX are ‘ecumenism’ and ‘freedom of conscience.’ Those are the two issues at the very heart of the matter. But I am hoping that he has said this in order to make it so rather than because it is so.

    Do you have a way to contact me privately, from my commenting? Because if you would send me your address, I’d go on Amazon and get you, for amazingly cheap, two books, Iota Unum, and They Have Uncrowned Him, which I already mentioned. (They ship books internationally, and for not much.) Both of these are seminal texts. Perhaps once you become clear as water on the issues, you will feel less alone. Also, if you would like to pray the rosary for the SSPX crusade, I’d turn them in for you if you don’t know where.

    Strategically, it was far more useful to make the Council pastoral, and that way all the protections against doctrinal heresies that would have been present, simply weren’t. And it’s like that to this day. One cannot get a fair fight going because they hide behind the veil, ‘It’s only pastoral, after all.’

    Thank you for putting my blog on your list! I’d add you to mine but nobody reads thewhitelilyblog much! But I will anyway!

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