Baronius Roman Missal (1962) sold at the Our Lady of Victories Church (SSPX)

Baronius missal is sold at Our Lady of Victories Church (SSPX).  The price is P 2000, but without a cover. The book is hardbound.

To go to Our Lady of  Victories Church, you can ride the LRT purple line and drop off at Betty Go Belmonte Station and walk along Betty Go Belmonte street.  If you are coming from Santolan, Marikina, walk to the right.  If you are coming from Recto, walk to the left.  After five blocks, you should arrive at the Church at the corner of Betty Go Belmonte St. and Cannon St.

Another way is to go to Cubao.  Ride a jeep that passes along E. Rodriguez avenue and drop off at Betty Go Belmonte St.  Turn left and walk along Betty Go Belmonte.  The church is two blocks away.

The Our Lady of Victories Church is on the upper floor.  The bookstore is on the lower floor.  My friend bought the Baronius missal.  I bought the Pope Paul’s New Mass for P 200; a more glossy print costs P 450.  There are still lots of good books there.  My friends and I went there on the Feast of Pope St. Pius X on the New Calendar.

I shall talk about my experience of the SSPX mass and my conversations with SSPX priests and bishop in another post.

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11 Responses to Baronius Roman Missal (1962) sold at the Our Lady of Victories Church (SSPX)

  1. Hello, are you a member of the excommunicated SSPX? Or a member of those who reverted to CAtholic Church?

    Thanks and God bless.

  2. Quirino M. Sugon Jr says:

    I am not a member of SSPX. I am a Catholic. The excommunications on the four bishops of SSPX has been lifted. But the juridical status of SSPX priests has not been clarified. If I am not mistaken, the mass of the SSPX priests are valid but illicit. Doctrinal talks are now going on between SSPX and Vatican. I think the topics are Vatican II and Pope Paul VI Novus Ordo Missae. I admire their devotion to the Traditional Latin Mass and on the Feast of St. Pius X, my friends and I decided to pay them a visit. Pope Benedict XVI has taken extraordinary steps to bring them back with the publication of Summorum Pontificum and the lifting of the excommunications. Let us pray that the doctrinal questions gets cleared up and the SSPX becomes fully integrated in the Catholic Church.

    In this blog, I write about priests who say the Traditional Latin Mass, not necessarily SSPX. I pray that the TLM will be offered in all parishes in the Philippines.

  3. Thanks for enlightening. God bless and more power.

  4. joe says:

    The current SSPX District Superior in Asia, Fr Daniel Couture, has gone way, way, past his sell-by date and should be replaced.

  5. Sasha Fierce says:

    Why ang laki ng price difference naman compared to the ones sold at Totus Tuus? What’s the difference? Tsaka yung walang cover, you mean to say wala talaga syang cover o wala lang sya nung parang outer casing na may zip?

  6. Quirino M. Sugon Jr says:


    The Baronius missal at Our Lady of Victories has a hardbound cover but it has no outer casing with zip.

  7. Eddienel says:

    I’ve been to Our Lady of Victories at New Manila and The Lord of Divine Mercy Parish at Sikatuna Village yesterday to join the celebration of the Mass in Traditional Latin. It is very beautiful. I do pray that it will be celebrated in all dioceses in the Philippines.

  8. Hope says:

    Hello! Please could you check how much are these books in the bookstore of OLVC:
    1. Humility of Heart
    2. Imitation of the Sacred Heart
    3. Imitation of Mary
    4. colouring books for children

    Thank you very much! God bless you.
    Saint Pius X Pray for us all!

  9. Quirino M. Sugon Jr says:


    I’ll see if I can drop by. But it is one hour of travel by train and tricycle for me to go there.

  10. Renier Dela Rosa says:

    How much is the cheapest Roman Missal 1962 by Bl. John XXIII? Is it available in the Our Lady of Victory?

    Thank you

  11. Quirino M. Sugon Jr says:

    Hi Renier,

    I think it is about Php 2,000. But that was in 2009. Not sure if it is still available. I rarely go there because it is far. You may like to check it out.

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