Pope Paul’s New Mass: Part III of Liturgical Revolution by Michael Davies

“Most of the research for this book was carried out during the pontificate of Pope Paul VI, and the only possible conclusion which can be drawn from the evidence I have assembled is that Archbishop Lefebvre stands on sure ground in concurring with the judgment of the two Cardinals.  The Eucharistic teaching of the Council of Trent is indeed  compromised by the Novus Ordo Missae itself, and not simply by the abuses which have accompanied its celebration  in most countries (though not in Poland).  I feel bound to adhere to this judgment even after reading Dominicae Cenae and Inaestimabile Donum with greatest possible care.  I do not consider that in doing so I am lacking in respect for the Holy Father, still less being disobedient.  Despite the fact that Archbishop Annibale Bugnini stated recently that I am a calumniator, and work with colleagues who are calumniators by profession, to the best of my knowledge everything contained in this book is true: there can be no conflict betwen the truth and true respect and true obedience.  A truly loyal subordinate will tell his superior not what he thinks most likely to please himm but what he believes to be true, and most likely to benefit the organization to which they belong.  The empereror in the fairy tale was best served by the boy who told him that he had no clothes, not by the sycophants who expressed so much admiration for the beautiful suit he believed himself to be wearing.  King Lear had one loyal daughter who remained faithful to him although he had repudiated her.  Pope John Paul II has adopted his present position on the basis of advice given to him and his own assessment of the situation.  We are entitled tohope and pray that, after further reflection, he will revise his judgment.”–Author’s Introduction p. xxiv-xxv


Author’s Introduction

  1. The Development of the Roman Rite
  2. Revolutionary Legislation
  3. Reform or Revolution
  4. A Successful Revolution
  5. A Pastoral Failure
  6. Destruction of Popular Catholicism
  7. The Cult of Man
  8. The President as Actor
  9. The Children’s Directory
  10. Send in the Clowns
  11. Bring on the Dancing Girls
  12. An Ecumenical Liturgy
  13. The General Instruction
  14. The Problem of the Offertory
  15. New Eucharistic Prayers
  16. Quod Bonum Est Tenete
  17. A Sacred Stillness Reigns
  18. Introibo Ad Altare Dei
  19. Mass Facing the People
  20. The Tabernacle
  21. Communion Under Both Kinds
  22. Communion in the Hand
  23. The Ottaviani Intervention
  24. Archbishop Bugnini: Great Architect of the Revolution
  25. An Ingenious Essay in Ambiguity

Appendix I  List of Official Documents Cited

Appendix II  Documents Relating to the Reform

Appendix III  The Participation of the Protestant Observers

Appendix IV The Right to Resist an Abuse of Power

Appendix V The ICEL Betrayal

Appendix VI  The American Scandal

Bibliographical Abbreviations




Michael Davies, Pope Paul’s New Mass: Part III of Liturgical Revolution (Angelus, Dickinson, Texas, 1980), 673 pages.


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