Sen. Aquilino Pimentel Jr. on the Reproductive Health Bill: Responsible Sex not Safe Sex; Contraception Leads to Abortion

MANILA, August 19, 200— Saying that it could loosen morals among minors, a Senator has rejected the use of the term ‘safe sex’ in the Reproductive Health bill being deliberated in the Senate.

Senate Minority Leader Aquilino Pimentel Jr. said using such term could also send the wrong message that the Senate is promoting “promiscuity” among adults.

Safe sex implies that copulation by anyone with anyone at anytime is alright – a terribly blighted view of what sex is meant to be,” he said.

According to the senator, the State should promote “responsible sex instead of safe sex”, as an activity that is exclusively engaged in by married couple.

“In short, the law should promote responsible sex, not safe sex; procreation, instead of reproduction and equal relations of women and men – not between or among artificially created genders – in matters of sex,” said Pimentel.

Safe sex, he added, may now be said to include, among its many evils, “adulterous communications free from the discovery by suspicious spouses.”

Pimentel criticized the RH bill, as crafted in a Senate committee report, for suggesting that pregnancy is like a plague that should be avoided at all costs by the use of artificial contraceptives.

“If the contraceptives fail to prevent pregnancy and a baby results from a couple’s sex acts, the child is then tagged as ‘unwanted,’ a most painful label ever devised by man,” he said.

“If the baby is unwanted, the next ‘logical’ step for the parents to take is get rid of it. The dreaded ‘A’ word follows in the mind even if it is not done. But if thought is father to the act, abortion cannot be far behind.”

Pimentel added the inventor of the birth control pill, Carl Djerassi, recently criticized in an Austrian paper, Der Standard, the attitude of young people wanting to have sex but not children.

“Without mentioning it, Djerassi knows that from his pills all sorts of illnesses have sprung, including high blood pressure, decreased libido, thrombosis, cancer and other sexually transmitted diseases: the inevitable adverse results of sex separated from procreation.”

Pimentel is one of the legislators supporting the Church’s stand against the bill that seeks to control the country’s growing population through the use of contraceptives.

The Church is staunchly opposed to artificial birth control which is against both natural and divine law.

According to the teachings of the Church, married couples should practice only natural family planning methods, which require sexual abstinence when the woman is ovulating.

Some bishops warned politicians supporting the bill, particularly senators considering running for the presidency in 2010, that their “anti-life” stance will be remembered. (Roy Lagarde)

Source: CBCP News


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4 Responses to Sen. Aquilino Pimentel Jr. on the Reproductive Health Bill: Responsible Sex not Safe Sex; Contraception Leads to Abortion

  1. May God bless the good senator. I hope we have more of his kind.

  2. lui says:

    Filipino triplets baptized in mass baptism held in the country. Said to be a first in world records of Baptism, read about them and their life story in Philippine Daily Inquirer MAgazine tomorrow August 23,2009

  3. Gus says:

    Nene, you’ve lost your marbles. and my vote.

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