From Fr. Victor Badillo, S.J.’s Treasure Chest: Songs of St. Alphonsus Liguori, “Improperia” of Giuseppe Caruana, and “Notes on the Singing at High Mass”

I was in the Ionosphere Building of the Manila Observatory yesterday, segregating the books and documents in Fr. Badillo’s treasure chest–a large carton box–and took out all the books and manuals that I need.  Many of them are about the ionosphere which I can never find the Ateneo de Manila library.  Others are manuals on computers and machines.  Some are on theology.  When I reached the bottom of the box, I saw two yellowed documents bound by staple wires.  The first is Holy Week IMPROPERIA Popule Meus for two equal voices by Giuseppe Caruana (Woodstock College Press, Woodstock, Maryland, U.S.A).  The other is the typewritten “Notes on the Singing at High Mass.”  And that is not all.  Inserted on the Notes are two pages of a book, “The Liguorian.”  These are songsheets in modern music notation (which I can read faster with my guitar or flute) of two songs:

  1. “O Ruler of the Heavens” (Tu Scendi dalle Stelle), Italian words and music by St. Alphonsus Liguori, English translation by D. H. Schmidt, arrangement by F. A. Brunner, C.SS.R. (complete)
  2. “Be Silent, Ye Heavens”  (Fermarono i Cieli), Italian words and music by St. Alphonsus Liguori, English translation by D. F. Miller, C.SS.R., Arrangement by F. A. Brunner, C.SS.R. (Incomplete)

Notes on the Singing at High Mass

A.  The Asperges (p. 11)

  1. The Vidi Aquam (p. 11)
  2. Oration at Asperges and Vidi Aquam (p. 3)

B.  The Orations (All Masses Except Requiems, Ferials, Simples) (p. 1)

  1. Orations at Requiems, Ferials, Simples (p. 2)
  2. Oration at Benediction (and Asperges) (p. 3)
  3. Manner of Singing Orations (p. 3)

C.  The Gloria (p. 12)

D.  The Epistle and Gospel (p. 8)

E.  The Credo (p. 12)

F.  The Preface and Pater Noster (pp. 4-7)

G.  The Ite Missa Est and Benedicamus Domino (p. 12)

H.  Benediction Oration (p. 5)

I.  On Reading the Musical Notation in the Missal (p. 4)


  1. Chant at the Altar, Rev. Jon C. Selnar, S.S., 1933
  2. The Priest’s Chants and Recitatives at the Altar, Rev. Carlo Rossini (J. Fisher & Bro., N. Y., 1942)
  3. Handbook of Ceremonies, Mueller-Ellis, 1940.  c.f. Musical Supplement, where other versions of the Epistle and Gospel, etc. are given, together with the more ordinary versions given in these notes.