Baronius 1962 Missal Sold at Totus Bookstore in Greenhills, San Juan, Philippines

My friend and I visited the Totus bookstore in the corner of Connecticut and Missouri Sts. in Greenhills, San Juan.  Their website says the bookstore is on the second corner of the Red Ribbon Building.  But we see no red ribbons, only blue letters (was it Abenson?).

We went up through a narrow stairway and entered the bookstore.  The bookstore was small, about 5 steps by 15 steps.  But on its shelf of books are those of Ratzinger and Chesterton.  And we say, “Ooooh” and “Aaaaah.”  If I had money, I could have bought them all.  It is window shopping for now.

We came there not for Ratzinger or for Chesterton but for a weekday missal.  My friend needs one, as she likes to go to mass everyday at the college chapel (and I usually accompany her).   It’s a Vatican II missal in red cover.  She flipped some pages and explained that the Sunday readings have a three year cycle and the week day reading have a two-year cycle.  So after three years of attending mass, we would have heard most of the bible.

The sales lady overheard us.   She said that is one of their last stocks.  A new Vatican II missal is coming probably next year.  I have heard about this, since ICEL (those responsible for translating the bible into English) have adopted a mode of translation which is closer to the Latin original.  So instead of “Lord, I am not worthy to receive you, but only say a word and I shall be healed,” it would now sound like the Centurion speaking, “Lord, I am not worthy that you come under my roof, but only say a word and my soul [servant] shall be heard.”  But this is already the Ilonggo translation in Negros (Central Philippines), in my hometown in Bacolod City, for we say, “Ginoo, dili ako angay na magsulod ka sa akon puluy-an, apang imitlang lang ang imo pulong kag maga-ayo ang akon kalag.”  In this respect, the Ilonggo translators have already been more faithful to the Latin original even decades ago.

And we saw the 1962 missal.  Baronius in white leather cover.  Bigger than my palm and thicker than my three fingers.  I wish to buy it.  But it is expensive: P 2800.  The black book cover with zipper is P 1050.  That makes it a total of about P 4000.  My friend also wishes to buy it.  But since she may be given that missal by October, she can settle for the Vatican II missal for now.  That is far cheaper anyway at P 1200.

We said goodbye to the sales lady.  As a parting gift, she gave us a catalogue for Ignatius press and Tan books.  Impressive.  Totus bookstore has lived up to its name.  It has everything a good Catholic should read.