Dom Gerard Calvet of the Benedictine Abbey of Sainte Madeleine du Barroux: What is a monk?

Under the Provencal skies, faithful to the Rule of St Benedict and the Gregorian liturgy, the monks of the Abbey of Sainte-Madeleine perpetuate the great tradition of western monasticism.

The Father Abbot has given exceptional permission for a camera to enter the enclosure: Mass and offices, manual and intellectual work, community chapter or the reception of guests: we are invited to a veritable retreat. (See French video trailere here .)

What is a monk? What purpose does he serve? What is his daily routine, his life, his ideal? Why do some people decide to consecrate themselves to God? What is the Rule of St Benedict?… By listening to the testimonies of the monks, and even more by sharing their day, we understand the eternal reality of a Benedictine Abbey.

“Monks built Europe, but they did not do so intentionally. Their adventure is primarily interior, its unique motivation is thirst for the absolute, thirst for another world. Before being academies of knowledge and cross-roads of civilisations, monasteries are an obstinate reminder that there is another world, of which this world is but the image, the herald, and the prefiguration.”

Dom Gérard Calvet, founder of the Abbey of Le Barroux.

Source: Fr. George David Byers CPM, SSL, STD at Blogging Lourdes
The Monk’s Hobbit is glad to see real monks in prayer and work in this new Dark Ages. There is still hope for the preservation of all that is good in the Western Civilization.

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