St. Claude de la Colombiere on Prayer

Since by the mercy of God I feel myself somewhat drawn to prayer, I have asked of God, with a large heart, through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin, that He would give me the grace to love this holy exercise more and more, unto the hour of my death.  It is the one means for our purification, the one way to union with God, the one channel by which God may unite Himself with us, that He may do anything with us for His glory.  To obtain the virtues of an apostle we must pray; to make them of use to our neighbour we must pray; to prevent our losing them while we use them in His service we must pray.  The cousel, or rather the commandment:  Pray always, seems to me extremely sweet and by no means impossible.  It secures the practice of the presence of God; I wish, with the help of Our Lord, to endeavour to follow it.  We are always in need of God, then we need to pray always; the more we pray the more we please Him, and the more we receive.  I do not ask for those delights in prayer which God gives to who He will; I am not worthy of them, I have not strength enough to bear them.  Extraordinary graces are not good for me; to give them to me would be to build on sand, it would only be pouring precious liquor into a leaking hogshead which can hold nothing.  I ask of God only a solid, simple manner of prayer, which may give Him glory and will not puff me up; dryness and desolation, accompanied with His grace, are very good for me, so it seems.  Then I make acts of the best  kind, and with satisfaction; then I make efforts against my evil disposition, I try to be faithful to God, etc….

Above all things I am resigned to be sanctified by the way that God shall please, by the absence of all sensible delight, if He wishes it so to be, by interior trials, by continual combat with my passions.


Alban Goodier, S.J., Saints for Sinners (Sheed & Ward, London, 1930), pp. 170-171.


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